Wednesday, 8 June 2011

GetUp! Sign the petition to ban live exports.

If you care about the welfare of the animals you eat before and as they are being slaughtered please sign the petition at GetUp - Action for Australia.  I have and I will continue to add my support.

At the time of this post 237,752 people have signed at GetUp which is pretty damn good for a population the size of ours.

EDIT...the numbers have skyrocketed since I signed.  Perhaps because it's just been on the News again.   Australia does care about human, animal and environmental rights despite the bullshit spouted by some areas of the media and people with vested interests in money and power.  

The video of the investigation is also there for anyone with a strong stomach and wishes to view just what has caused this controversy in case the links I added before have expired.  I've seen it once and tried to watch again so I don't forget about this abomination because it has to stop, but it makes my stomach churn when I see the first animal being jabbed knowing what's coming next.  I can voice my opinions, sign petitions and donate a small amount of money to the RSPCA and Animals Australia to help, but I cannot watch that video again. 

Just because these animals are raised for human consumption doesn't mean they should be tortured and subjected to the disgusting treatment as they have been in Indonesian abattoirs.   To tell you the truth, I'm not surprised about this kind of behaviour in this and other similar countries, and I'll say again, it has to stop.  If the Australian Government don't ban live exports permanently to all countries, the people who exposed this shocking, inhuman treatment will expose more cruelty, particularly regarding sheep sent to the Middle East.  I'm sure certain there are people who don't want that to happen.

I've already had my say in a previous post here.  My opinions haven't changed despite that the Indonesians say they are shocked by this as well, which I find hard to believe.  How is it no-one in a country known to have little to no human(e) rights, let alone animal rights, know this was happening and not move to stop it or at least expose it.  Then again, corruption is a thriving business in many countries.  Money talks and when it does people listen.  And let's not forget threats of reprisal and fear of their own authorities, and I dare say, each other.

The Australian Government and Cattleman's Association are as much to blame as it seems they knew this has been happening for up to 10 years and haven't done anything to stop it, so the Indonesians aren't totally to blame for their ignorance and cruelty.   Many abattoirs were closed here in Australia over past years, and jobs lost so our livestock can be sent overseas to be maimed and tortured.  Another wonderful example of money talks and gutless action.

Animals feel fear and in the above case stark terror, with good reason, and anyone who condones this is undeserving of being called human.   Perhaps other countries who export livestock should look into what happens to their animals and whether they care.

I will be following this situation and adding my support.  Voices can be heard, not only about this, but any injustice, at least here in Australia where we have freedom to speak out.

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