Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dark Souls - Prepare To Die

Finally!   I've been waiting for this game, watching Youtube videos and reading about it for ages and now I have it in my hands.   Picked it up today from EBGames and it includes a hi precision gaming mouse, a beautiful artbook, poster, soundtrack and behind the scenes disc...all for $68.00 Australian.

I just got home so haven't installed it yet, and I'll post my impressions a bit later, but I'm excited to actually play this game.  I'm not a newbie at combat games of this type and this might be me for a bit with this game, but I can't wait to get into it.   

 I'm afraid Skyrim is going on the back burner for the foreseeable future, probably until a game of the year edition comes out in a year or so if I even care by then.  I have no intention of buying Dawnguard or any other DLC until, and if ever the bugs are actually addressed by Bethesda and their treatment of the PS3 players is sorted out to their satisfaction.    I must say I'm surprised and dismayed at them this time round and their forums, (particularly the PS3 section) are running hot with complaints that are not answered.  I'm not going into all that here though as anyone can read up for themselves, but I do know if their next game uses the Gamebryo engine, even tweaked as the Creation engine, I won't be buying any of their buggy games in the future.

I just hope they don't screw over Arkane Studios with Dishonored.  One of my favourite games in years past was Arx Fatalis and that was a game well ahead of it's time.  I'm tempted to pre-order Dishonored, and probably will unless I can resist the temptation and wait for user reviews. 

Anyway, I'm now about to install Dark Souls and see how far I get before I die. 

Addit:  Well that was quick.  Even though EBGames was allowed to sell it from today (23rd August) it seems I can't play until Friday 24th when Windows Live says it's actually released.  Oh well, at least it's installed.
I called EBGames to let them know in case they get calls from angry

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