Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My New Forum

Hi!  I want to let everyone know that a friend and myself have started our own forum.  Now, we only got it registered on the 25th Jan 2015, so there isn't a huge amount of content yet, but we are working on it.

EDIT:  I am now running this forum myself.  I made a big mistake in asking someone I got along with if they were interested in starting a forum and running it with me.   It never works when one person, ie me, does all the work and the other has to be pushed to just make a few original posts, let alone anything towards the betterment of the forum, even though they expressed great interest in doing this with me.  

If it happens that I end up being the only member for as long as the forum is in existence, so be it.  It can be an extension of this Blog.  The old motto "If you want something done, do it yourself" is still well and truly applicable.   It takes a lot of work to make a forum a success and even then it may be a flop, but all parties need to be on the same page. 

Here is the link:
Survival Instinct

The forum is primarily about games I personally like to play, which is where the forum name comes in.  Can you survive until the next checkpoint?   Can you beat the miniboss and have enough health leftover for the main boss?   You stepped back and fell off a cliff?  Oops!!

 The forum will mainly be offering discussion for role playing games of my choice, but can easily be expanded to include others if requested.  To start there are forums for Dragon Age: Origins and Dark Souls 2 and I have since added a category for other games that don't warrant a full forum.

There is also a General Interest forum so people who are not interested in the games area, and even if they are, can come and chat about almost whatever they fancy.

Maybe you have suggestions to help the forum become a success.

There will be more, so come and see.  Registration is free.

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