Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Fix the Weapon Durability Problem

I'm playing Scholar of the First Sin and have some things to say, but I really want to say something now about an issue that's been there since the first release and and has never been addressed.

Please...Fix the 60fps weapon durability bug.

EDIT:  Despite what all the fanboys who defend this say, this is a BUG, not a feature, and it worse in SOTFS than DS2 original, especially for DEX builds.    The creator of the DS PVP Watchdog and other legit fixes says this is definitely a coding issue and should NOT be happening.  Anyway, he is looking into a fix for Scholar.  Let's hope the servers don't flag something as essential as this as a cheat, but we'll see.

My weapons are breaking faster now than in the DX9 version.   I fought the Pursuer at the 1st encounter in the Forest and my spear broke part way through.  I only just left the Cardinal Tower bonfire, shortcut opened, and went straight to him, so it's not like I fought a lot of other enemies beforehand.

I was only able to do a quick swap because I had a phantom with me who was taking the aggro. I'm sorry I don't remember your name, but thank you. 

Part way through every level, and not far from bonfires my weapons are near to breaking faster than ever now and there's no repair powder except for the few you can buy and a couple to be found as loot.  I've already used those.

I have found the repair spell in a new location than it was previously, but what use is that without the stats to cast it.

I dread to think what it's going to be like in the DLC areas where weapons would threaten to break much faster than in the base game of the DX9 version. 

I like to play as a DEX build which means my weapons have lower durability anyway, but at this rate I'm going to respec to strength so I can at least hope to use something that won't break halfway through a boss fight.

I imagine XBoxOne users are now having this issue, so maybe, just maybe something will be done  when more complaints start rolling in.  But, maybe it would take PS4 users to accomplish that.

If it's an intended function of the game to make it "harder" then you've failed because SOTFS is already full of artificial difficulty, with more hordes of enemies and ambushes, which seems to equate difficulty in this game.  We don't need to be handicapped by our weapons breaking at crucial points.

Either fix it by coding, or double the durability on all weapons.  It can't be that hard.

One thing I will say in this post is at the rate I'm going I may only play through this version once and maybe go to NG+ as I'm finding a general lack of creativity in the new enemy placements.  Some areas seem almost empty now.  For example The Shaded Woods, where most of the Lion Warriors have been replaced with annoying ghosts.  The game lacks the same atmosphere it had before.

The use of barrels and crates as well as wooden barriers to hide enemies and create obstacles is dumb.  Pffft!   And it looks terrible.

Anyway, I have more to say later on the state of the game as I see it.   And just to clarify I have 808 hours on Dark Souls 2 DX9 with the DLC's with the Season Pass.  Because of that I only paid $16.99 Australian which isn't much considering I've spent more on AAA games that are so bug ridden as to be unplayable or just not enjoyable because of forced early releases.  At least dark Souls is stable and has never crashed on me, or been unplayable because of a bug of some kind, so that's a plus.


  1. Where did you find the repair spell?

  2. Hi liam.

    I can't remember now but it was much earlier than usual in a chest. Might have been the Shaded Woods. I couldn't use it anyway until I got 15 Int.