Friday, 25 February 2011

My Oblivion Mods

These are the mods I've released for Oblivion.  Most are animal companions, some pets only and others are fighters and protectors.   The first two are new and the others were made over the past couple of years but have been updated a few times.

The other mods are races and one house mod.

I'm only going to add a screen shot, a link and small description.  The complete Readme's and descriptions are at the download links.

A free Fileplanet account will be need to download any of these files from Planet Elder Scrolls.  (Outdated as I've removed my  mods from PES)  Most of them are also at TES Alliance.  However, it also require registration to access anything on the site.

UPDATE:  Mods Reloaded links added as I upload them.  I've also uploaded my Gypsy Moon Race (see bottom of this post) with a few edits.  I may or may not be updating it at some point soon as well.

Sable the Panther Companion.
This is definitely a fighting companion.  She has a collar and whiskers which if not using the mod mentioned below will make her unique among felines in Oblivion.
She has custom meshes and textures made by Waalx who is the author of the awesome mod Waalx Animals and Creatures, an overhaul for Oblivion.  It is much more than animals and creatures though and highly recommended.
It can be found here, but registration is also required to view related topics and to download.

Toc Toc Raven Companion also using files from Waalx mod.  It uses the Imp skeleton so it flies and has some of the same animations.  However, it is a bird and behaves like one as much as the game engine will allow.  He is also a fighting companion and has offensive spells to use in combat.  Ravens are very large birds so he is larger than a common crow.

Click to enlarge image

Next is Rosie, a black dog with a white chest and toes, and she is based on my much loved real life dog who died in 2007.   There are two files.  One has original old meshes and textures from that year and the latest file has new ones also made by Waalx.

Rosie is a fighter and protector.  The screen shot shows the new version.


Click to enlarge image

House Cats.  These are pets only and will flee from danger.  They are meant to be taken to your home as companion pets.  They have custom sounds and meshes and textures made by HSSSSA.  Two of them have textures made by SavageArtistry to add to the original four cats.


I've also made a separate mod to put these cats into Nehrim.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.
Available on request only.

NOTE:  There is an alternate esp which places the cats at Tirin Abbey instead of the Sanctum so as not to interfere with the Main Quest and not being able to get them after passing a certain point..  I had forgotten about that until someone pointed it out.   Instructions which must be followed are in the archive if anyone had been using the other version.

Click to enlarge image

Pet Foxes.  As are the cats these foxes are pets only and will not fight.  That's how I wanted them as foxes aren't meant to be fighters unless they are hunting mice or other small animals.  There are two foxes.  A red one called Timothy, whose name, and in fact the mod itself was requested by NOname101 and a gray one called Ru'Bel whose name was selected by corepc.

There are two files.  One places them in the IC and the other is Better Cities compatible placing them at Blankenmarch, by request.
Meshes and textures by Mr Siika and Mikal33

Tesnexus - All in one file with the Better Cities esp

Click to enlarge image

Vampire Bats for the discerning vampire.  Find an artifact in a vampire lair that will allow you to summon three bats at once for 60 seconds.   They have defensive spells and are not very strong, but provide a good diversion if needed.  Meshes, textures and sounds by Mr Siika


Click to enlarge image

 Sher Ja the Mountain Lion.  He was my first ever mod and I have a sentimental attachment to it because it was a learning curve and took a few tries to get it right.  There is a small quest to find him that will start on game load.   Read the note that will be added to the inventory for hints.

Tesnexus - this version has new meshes and textures, including whiskers.

The person he's attacking is not my character but an enemy from Oscuro's Overhaul.  An old screen shot.

Click to enlarge image

 Satu Ra - Lord of Beasts is a Pahmar, a variant of the Khajiit race according to Lore.   There is a small quest to find him which will start on game load.  Meshes and textures by Alienslof.

There is also aversion of Satu Ra for Nehrim but it doesn't have a quest.  However he is located in a dangerous area and you will need to level up or be able to run fast.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.

Available on request.

The image was taken in Nehrim at sunset.

Click to enlarge image

Tarana the Golden Impling.  This is a pet only, very small and will not fight.  There is a small quest to find her and a note added to the inventory with a little story.  She has custom purring sounds.  Meshes and textures by Alienslof.


Click to enlarge image


Boar Companion called Mike.  This mod and name was requested by dusann.  He is located at Aleswell.
Meshes and textures by corepc.

Available on request if anyone wants it as I don't have it currently uploaded anywhere.

Click to enlarge image

A hairy black spider named Alice because I'm an Alice Cooper fan.  She has defensive spells and is very dangerous, but not to you or friends, fortunately.  Meshes and textures by Malo and Alienslof.


Click to enlarge image

Maple Leaf Cottage is situated in the West Weald. It included two companion dogs called Dixie and Jessie as well as a horse called Gallant.  They can all be summoned and the horse will stay put when you dismount instead of wandering away.  The cottage has a basement and plenty of named storage.

Meshes and textures for the dogs and horse by Alienslof.  Paintings by Trollf.


The lion in the screen shot is not included.

Click to enlarge image

Gothic Breton Race Version 2.  This is a LITE version of SavageArtistry's race which is included in her Modified Hair and Eyes mod.

My version of this race includes a large selection of hair and eyes.  The eyes are Elaborate Eyes but will not cause the "googly eye" bug because I've included the eye meshes.  It also has a spell to summon a Spriggan called Avalon and a companion healing spell.

The race supports HGEC (default because that's what I use) UFF and Robert's male and female.  There are too many credits to list here. See the Readme for details.

There is also an esp to use this race in Nehrim.  The full mod must be installed first minus the Oblivion esp.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.

Nehrim version available on request only as it's not currently uploaded anywhere.

Links removed.

Click to enlarge images

Elemental Weavers - Dremora Kin Version 2 is a race mod that also uses race files made by SavageArtistry.  It has a large selection of Elaborate Eyes with the eyes meshes included so there will be no "googly eyes" syndrome, as well as plenty of hair for male and female. It has a demon tale as well.
It supports HGEC (default) UFF and Robert's male and female.  It also has a summoned companion spider called Web Weaver as well as a custom spell especially for this race.  You will burst into flame when casting it but take no damage.  There is also a chest that contains two custom swords and some other minor extras. 
Too many credits to list here.  See the Readme for details.

Currently not uploaded anywhere. 

Click to enlarge images

Lullaby the Pet Sheep.   Two versions.  Pink and everyday grey/white normal sheep.  The pink textures, bow and ribbon were kindly made for me by Mondstein.

Lullaby can be found in her own shed and yard next to the Cheydinhal Stables.  I've also added a safe storage chest and a bedroll for player use.


Click to enlarge

Gypsy Moon Race
This race has three custom faces with a half moon tattoo on the cheek.  There are books to tell the story of their existence in Tamriel as well as a campsite with two elaborate tents, each with one of my house cats inside.  These cats are not companions, but will purr when activated.   There is also a horse called Moth and a wolf like dog called Lochru.
NOTE:  This race is female only as I don't have male face textures although it's based on the Imperial so theoretically you could make a male character and use the camp etc.

It supports all female body replacers as well as the default body.

Patch that fixes an issue with ears and earrings - requires the complete mod

Click to enlarge images

That's about it for now.  I have a few others that are not currently uploaded due to needing updates which I don't know when I will get around to.
Spirit of the Wolf
Spirit of the Wolf -Extended Version
Tiamat the Firedrake - Version one now at Tesnexus.

They are fully functional, but I prefer at the moment to wait until I decide if and when I'm going to do anything as far as updating, but if anyone wants them I can add links to where I have them hosted for storage.

They will be known by some players and occasionally I get a request for a couple of them.  Contact me for any of these mods at Tesnexus or other links I've provided.

Thanks if you've read this far and I hope you enjoy and of my mods if you should decide to try them.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pre-ordering Games Woes

I am not impressed to say the least. 
Last October I pre-ordered Two Worlds 2 at our local EB Games store which has turned out to be a mini disaster to this day when it was finally supposed to be released yesterday here in Australia after numerous delays.

A little background info:

Despite that Two Worlds 1 had very mixed reviews I bought it and found it to be a very good game, but only after the multiple patches, fixes  and graphic enhancements.  I enjoyed it and was looking forward to the second game.
It had a lot of elements that were missing from other open world games like Oblivion, one of which is horse combat and a more populated world among other things.   The horse combat was underdeveloped, but it worked.   The main gripe was the difficulty in managing horse movement, also like in Oblivion, but more awkward because first you had to learn the skills of horse riding to be able to control the beast in the first place.

I found the game to have a good if stereotype story, but that's the case with many modern rpg;s anyway.

So, after said delays for TW2 and the fact that I'd paid for it last year,  I read on the games own forums that we won't be getting it here because the distributor has gone into receivership.  Mind you its been released in Europe since last October or November.

Back in November after several delays and a new release date of January, then February, I cancelled my order and used the money to buy Arcania - Gothic 4.
I am so embarrassed to even say I bought that game that I haven't mentioned it except in passing on a couple of forums and not even the one I practically live on.  That game is more than a disaster, it's a travesty, but that's for another rant.

So, when I found that TW2 was supposedly definitely down for a February 24th release I once again put some money down, but only a deposit this time.  I checked the TW2 forums the day before and discovered that it won't be coming here at all because of the previously mentioned company demise.  I went to the store to see if they had any info on pre-orders at least and they said they were hoping that they could at least be filled, but had no info from their distributors on when that might be.

I was so fed up with it I canceled it altogether and as far as I'm concerned Topware deserved what they got for their bad handling of the situation.  More info can be found on the TW2 forums about that.  In Europe the game is distributed by another company which seems to know what they are doing.  I suppose I could import the game from a European retailer, but I've had enough of that fiasco and I can't afford to do that anyway.  Plus, if it's a digital version only I don't want it.  I want a DVD I can actually look at and see what I paid for.

That was the first time I'd ever, in my gaming career, pre-ordered a game as I usually wait until release and research them first.  Another thing I'm sad to say I didn't do with Arcania - Gothic 4 because I was expecting a GOTHIC game not a poor facsimile that relies more on gorgeous graphics no-one without the very latest systems can really enjoy.  Pity they didn't focus just a tiny bit on the gameplay.  I did do some reading on it's official forum well before release and after the demo was released.  The reviews were scathing, but I had HOPE which was cruelly dashed when I installed the game and played for a couple of hours.  I still have it installed but never gone back to play so I must be delusional.  Another dust collector that would be more use as a frisbee.  Suffice to say they should never have remotely called it a Gothic game, but a very basic action adventure that might engage players as just that.  No need to think and the combat is click, click, click and hope to hit something when all enemies constantly block and stun.     I know some people liked it as a basic action game, but the fact that JoWood lied from the start and in press releases about what the game actually was supposed to be is false advertising at it's worst.  And they continue to do so.  Also they are in a  financial mire so what goes around comes around and has come back to bite them.

Anyway, I'm getting off track as this was mainly supposed to be about Two Worlds 2.  A proper description of my impressions of Arcania - Gothic 4 would require more than this post.
I am very happy to say though that a couple of other games I pre-ordered since, ie Fallout:New Vegas and Divinity 2:The Dragon Knight Saga made the disappointment more than bearable.  Both are epic games in my opinion and deserve the greatest success.   Even though FO:NV was buggy for some pre patching, I never had any issues or crashes, and even STEAM which many whine about has been problem free.  Divinity2 DKS is one of the most memorable games I've had the pleasure to play since Half Life 2 and the Gothic series.   And Oblivion, but that's another story too long for this rant.

My faces of Oblivion and their background stories.

This is to show the faces of my favourite characters.  I'll make another section with general pictures and showing their pets.
I haven't finished writing their background and the how and why of their existence, but I'll add it to this post later.  They all have pets and protective animal companions.  Much like a guardian totem spirit and each is different.

This is Juniper.  Race:  My custom Redguard race.  Face and body textures by legendman.
This is my personal version.  It is unreleased and nor will it ever will be despite permissions granted in Readme's.

She's the daughter of a  Redguard mother and Imperial father.  Trained as a warrior within a family that shuns the use of magic, she nevertheless studies it in secret and is learning to combine both the life of a magic user and warrior.   She is an explorer at heart and despite sometimes dressing well and behaving in a ladylike manner when the occasion calls for it, she prefers to be in light serviceable armour wandering the deserts and forests of Cyrodiil helping people less well off than herself.
Her animal is a tamed mountain lion called Sher Ja.   At home she also has a little orange kitten called Whiskers, but he cannot fight and prefers a bowl of milk to exploring ruins and old forts.
To be continued.

Click to enlarge.

Sloane.   Race:  Gothic Breton  Original full version by SavageArtistry and this LITE version made by me.

This lady is very charismatic and loves the finer things in life.  A beautiful dress, sparkly jewelery and sumptuous surroundings are her element.  She hates to get bloody or muddy, but don't be fooled.  When provoked she turns into an able fighter.  Magic is her main offense and defense, but with a nicely turned blade at her side she can be as formidable as a dervish.  Soon after the fighting is over she somehow magically reverts back to the social butterfly she is without a hair out of place and a smile on her face.
Her animal companion is a black dog called Rosie.
To be continued.

Click to enlarge.

Next is Jessamine.    Race:  Corean race by idkrrr

Exotic and beautiful, she has a mysterious past with memories locked away, unable to be freed.  Orphaned at a very young age she has made her own way in the world, relying on no-one and no thing, except for her panther companion Sable.  One day she hopes to find the secret of her parentage and piece together the lost pages of her life.   She is an able magic user.  Magicka runs through her veins like a living drug and she doesn't hesitate to use it, whether to charm or to kill.  She is also accomplished with the bow and blade.   Where these talents came from she can't say, but from an early age she showed great promise and develops more power as time goes on.  Perhaps it is a legacy of her birth, but she is yet to discover the secret.

Click to enlarge.

Here we have the witch.  Antoinette De Rosa.   Race:  Blood Witch by Lucha

Unpredictable and dangerous, she takes what she wants and lets nothing stand in her way.  If she chooses she can charm her way out of a bad situation, but more likely will choose to create chaos and death wherever she goes.  She revels in the danger and the smell of blood and fear.   Her animal is actually a bird....a red eyed raven called Toc Toc, every bit as dangerous and ruthless as his mistress.

Click to enlarge.

Introducing Morikko.   Race:  My customized Wild Tabaxi Race.   Original author is Ran and is a variation of the Tabaxi by Luchaire..  This version will never be released.

She is a Tabaxi by birth and some say her family came from a very distant offshoot of the Khajiit, but that has never been proven.  Although some Tabaxi have more human features, she has the finer countenance of the cat she resembles.   Preferring the forests and wild lands to the cities she relies on her bow and her wits, hunting her prey like a prize mouser in the shadows.  Some may say her pale colouring would be a disadvantage in her chosen lifestyle, but she has adapted and has the ability to melt into the environment when necessary.   She has the mastery of illusion and alteration magic.
Her animal is a red maned wolf called Copper.

Click to enlarge.

Next is Solomon Thorn.  Race:  Blood Witcher by Lucha

 I haven't created his story yet but he is a noble by birth and by example.   A mage of extraordinary talent, he does not suffer fools, yet can be empathetic if the need arises.

Click to enlarge     

The newest member of  my Oblivion family is Ciarah.   Race:   Tolkien Elves by Kani Hime

She also doesn't have a history as yet, but she will be created as close to the true Elves as possible.

Click to enlarge


Another new character who I also haven't created a story for, but she will be a regular in my game.

This is Savanna.    Race:  Lineage Elves by Miss Onatopp.  (2011 Update)
However, I've heavily customized her using hair from Lucha's Blood Witch (also included in Tolkien Elves), eyelashes, different eyes and Ozmo's HGEC body textures.  However, I'm using the updated Lineage Elves face textures which are exceptional and look much different to the original version.  In fact I didn't do much customizing to the face shape as they look very good as they are.

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Read any good books lately?


I read a lot.  And I mean a lot.  When I'm not browsing the Internet, playing games on my PC, I'm reading in my spare time.  I do other things of course, but these are the main occupiers of my free time.

Very few books have a lasting impact on me. In fact often I finish the last page of one and begin the first sentence of the next book in the same few minutes, usually at night when everything is quiet.  I never read a book more than once no matter how good it is.  The same goes for movies except if they are repeats on TV and then sometimes I'll watch bits and pieces.  When I read a book or watch a movie I look forward to the anticipation of what's going to happen next, what surprises some authors have in store, and the mystery of words themselves and the picture they paint.  I can't get that by reading or watching again and some novels and movies are highly predictable to begin with so a second go round is not worth the time.   Besides, there are too many unread books waiting for me in the wings.

My favourite fiction genres are medieval fantasy, science fiction, modern crime thrillers, and horror.   I don't particularly like slasher in your face blood and guts violence just for the shock value novels as some authors seem to aim for.  Those things are fine in themselves and I'm not squeamish at all about most things, but a good horror novel must have a decent background story to make it worthwhile.

Zombie apocalypse is the flavour at the moment in horror and one of the best I've read is Patient Zero by Jonathon Maberry.  A new take on terrorism with a twist.  His next novel, The Dragon Factory picks up where the first left off using the same main characters, but isn't about zombies.  It steps into the realm of genetic engineering and longevity, monsters, human and otherwise and also with a few twists.  Both very enjoyable books with lots of action and suspension of belief.  Great stress relievers and well written.

However, the book that has had the most impact on me in all the years I've been reading is The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon.  I read this only last year, shortly before Christmas.

It's the story of a young girl who joins the army to avoid an arranged marriage in a harsh medieval world.  There are the usual orcs and demons, elves and dwarves and good versus evil, but this story revolves around Paksenarrion and her life more than those things.  They reside in the periphery and colour the world, but are not the main focus.   Paks, as she's known becomes more than she ever imagined she could be.  A hero, a leader, a coward, and a champion of the human spirit, but most of all her place in the world, as predicted by destiny.  Of all the books I've read this is the one that has had the greatest effect on me.  I never get emotional about books, movies or games, but this is the one that did it.   Elizabeth Moon has a rare talent and that is to draw the reader into the head and heart of the main character.  To feel what she feels.  Fear, anger, pain that times seems too much to bear, and finally, peace.  I won't spoil the ending, but it's not necessarily what you may think even from this brief description.

This book is an Omnibus comprised of three other volumes.  Sheepfarmer's Daughter, Divided Allegiance and Oath of Gold.

Now, I'm reading the prequel - A Legacy of Honour.  It is also an Omnibus - Surrender None and Liar's Oath.
I borrowed the first book from our public library and they didn't have this one at the time.  But, it doesn't matter.  I've only read a few chapters, but I can tell already this one will have the same depth and attention to detail as the other.  More when I've finished reading.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to actually finish reading this one as I had to return it because someone had reserved it and I couldn't get an extension.  I'll get it again sometime, but maybe it was my mood or it was a bit of an anticlimax, but it didn't have the same effect on me as The Deed of Paksenarrion.  It may have been different if I'd known about this volume previously and been able to read it first.  That's not to say it's not a good read, but I don't feel the same connection with the main character.

If anyone is interested this is Elizabeth Moon's website.  She is also the author of many other fine novels.

I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett.
I've read every book I've been able to get my hands on by Terry Pratchett, but I have mixed feelings about this one.  I did enjoy it, but it didn't have the trademark humour of his other books.  It's darker and much more serious.



Allow me introduce myself to anyone who may stumble in here accidentally or via a link.   Personal details will be very brief, however, but my name is Margaret and I'm 56 year old woman from somewhere in the vastness of the Australian continent.   My main interests are PC gaming, browsing the Internet, reading and writing fiction, music, my dog, animals in general, and stimulating discussion on many subjects with friends when the opportunity presents itself.  As far as gaming goes, I started out with the Commodore 64 many years ago and progressed through the Amiga, Playstation one and two, a couple of other consoles, and the PC, which is my only game machine of choice.  Besides the age demographic I know it will come as a shock to some that females play computer games.   There are more female gamers playing all genres of games, than many people realize.

Anyway, in The Elder Scrolls gaming circles I'm known by some as Maigrets and less often as Anja the Whisperer and this is my blog page.  Here I'll be talking about whatever takes my fancy whether it's games, books, writing, music or just a piece of trivia I found on the Internet.   I won't be talking about anything related to my personal life which also means no photograph, so tough luck there.  You'll have to use your imagination.   My private life is my own and only to be shared with the few people in this world I trust and care for and visa versa, so unless I decide to talk about something relevant my business won't be mentioned here.  It's also not a place to gossip about anyone else's private life.

Lately I've felt the need to document my thoughts and feelings on various topics and writing in a traditional style diary doesn't appeal at all.....writer's cramp..XD.  Typing screeds of text in Word that will only reside on my computer never to be read again is also a bit pointless in my opinion.  I don't find solo conversations therapeutic despite what "Psychology Today" might say.  My dog listens to me when I have something to say, but her vocabulary is limited even though body language can convey a puzzlement at what in the world my human is going on about today.
She does have real empathy though and knows when I feel down and how to cheer me with a big doggy smile and a soggy tennis ball.  Her name is Bella and she's an Aussie Kelpie/Aussie Red Heeler cross, black with the distinctive tan points.   She's very loving and intelligent and is sometimes better medicine than anything else for coping with the stresses of life.

Even if no other living soul reads what I've written here, it will my little space to call my own on the Internet.  Sometimes what I have to say will be in the form of a rant to vent frustrations, and other times will be just casual observation and reflection on life and the world.

The things I'll write about here are my views, expressed without influence by other people or trends, and I can express them freely without restraint.  Many will most likely disagree with a lot I have to say and that is a right I wouldn't try to suppress unless it's malicious or slanderous and deliberately designed to hurt someone.  I'm quite used to being disagreed with, but at least here I won't be talked over, put down or ridiculed because I think a little differently to the majority.   I don't believe in following the herd just because it's the thing to do or to be part of the "in" crowd and it has isolated me to an extent, but I'd rather that than try to be something I'm not.   I intensely dislike people who "suck up", whether that's to their boss at work or just someone they wish to emulate or please for some perceived benefit..  It's degrading and weak.  If anything I say in on this page affects my presence at other sites and forums because of my views on certain issues that will also be pretty pathetic.  I've seen it happen to others and fairly recently and it's probably a matter of time before I say something that someone, somewhere doesn't like.  Too bad, I don't care.

On the other hand some may agree with what I have to say which will be a surprise in itself, but in the end this is my place to express my thoughts in the fashion I wish.  I will back up any claims I might make about real issues with facts where possible.   I think in a logical manner for the most part, and I believe some things have no basis in fact and therefore can only be postulated and theorized.   I'll say right off then that I'm an Aetheist and get that out of the way.  I truly don't understand religion and how people can believe in a deity without actual tangible proof.  It baffles me.  People believe in a God they can't see or hear in any shape or form, yet they scoff at the thought of life on other worlds or anything else that may be just a little fantastic to be real.

I've heard people say "You can't see the wind or you can't see electricity, so God must be real as well,"  but these things can be measured and the results of their presence can be felt and observed without scientific instruments.   By the way, look up the word fantastic.  It's real meaning is fanciful, bizarre, unworldly, amazing or supernatural, (but not necessarily frightening).  The main use of the word today is quite informal and describes something "cool" or excellent, but in a different manner.

In my eyes the Bible is no more than a history book with fantasy elements, passed down the ages and changed as deemed fit by the religious powers of the time.   There are even very different versions of events so how is one to know what's true and what isn't.  No wonder so many people are confused about what is true and what is fiction.  It's no more believable to me than any fiction novel, edited, added to and embellished as the centuries passed.  Blind faith through indoctrination and fear is not truth, neither is mass faith gained via ultra charismatic figures and charlatans, many of whom line their own pockets at the expense of their followers.  However, I do believe in the "Golden Rule."    Basically, treat others as you would be treated and life should be at least bearable.  Unfortunately, this is a farce on many levels as there are too many stupid, thoughtless, bigoted, cruel and backward thinking people on this planet to ever think we may get along in some kind of Utopian peaceful existence.   All of what I've just said doesn't mean I'll be trashing anyone's personal beliefs directly as they have a right to them as much as I do, but I'm not in the market for religious conversion either.  I imagine you get the idea.

Moving on to PC game related things...
I've made some mods for the Elder Scrolls Oblivion.  Nothing ground breaking, but I'm somewhat proud that I did it at all since I don't have a programing or game modification background.
I didn't find it easy to start with, but now I know my way around the editor and a lot more that I don't show in my mods.  In my case, I mostly taught myself by reading everything I could on the subjects that interest me and asking for help on occasion.  There are a couple of people I'm deeply grateful to for helping to to get started with my first mod, but mostly I did it myself by using my initiative and seeking out information.   Reading forums related to the CS (Construction Set) is often a treasure trove of good info.

I'm not interested at all in learning to model new items or to texture them.   Sometimes I think about it and how things would be a lot easier if I could do this stuff myself, but I can't get up the enthusiasm.   My main interest is in the mechanics and programing of the game and how it can be manipulated by modding it.  That's not to say I'm any good at most of it or writing a complex script, but I can read one and understand it.  I can write quests, but it's not my favourite thing and I can create world spaces and a lot of other things that I don't bother to implement in my mods, and I enjoy it most of the time.   There's a huge world space (now a resource) mod that I was involved with a couple of years ago and I'm planning to do some work on it when I get the time and I also have a mod that's been in flux for quite awhile that I may finish one day.  It's actually the largest thing I've done, mostly on my own, and I learned a lot of new things by doing it, but things happened and it hasn't been completed.  Very close, but not complete, and there are now some elements I want to change.
I've added descriptions of my mods and links to downloads with screen shots in separate post.  They are mainly animal companions, a house mod with pets, and a couple of custom races.  They've all met some success of varying degrees and are still being downloaded.  I also have My Simple Creature Companion Tutorial which is very detailed with screen shots and the necessary scripts.  It's written so anyone who has never used the TESCS (The Elder Scrolls Construction Set) can understand it and and get something more than a companion from it.

Other games I find memorable and with a lot of replay value, and in no particular order are:
The Gothic series, especially Gothic 2:Night of the Raven, but I also like Gothic Three a lot since it was patched by the community.   There are also new texture packs and quest packs also community made.
Risen.  A short, but enjoyable game with Gothic mechanics, nice graphics and a good combat system.   I look forward to Risen 2 and that the few niggles in the first game are ironed out.
Oblivion and before that Morrowind.
Fallout 3 - but I've uninstalled that in favour of Fallout:New Vegas which I think is much superior in almost every way.  STEAM is much better than Windows Live as copy protection and I've had no issues at all with the platform.
Dues Ex.  The first game was and still is a classic, not so much the second.  I'm waiting to see what the third incarnation will be like, and if my computer can play it without needing an immediate upgrade.
Half Life 2
Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines
Divinity2:The Dragon Knight Saga - just an epic game from a small development team who did it right.
There are many more, mainly older ones, but these are the most memorable and I actually finished them rather than quitting part way through from boredom or because the next new shiny game came along.

Moving on to something a little boring......

I welcome people to visit and comment if they wish but the only thing I ask is to keep it civil, and please no LEET, text speak or profanity.  As far as swearing or cursing goes keep it mild, for example anything you see me using and definitely no F or C bombs as these will be deleted with the comments they are contained in and it will be a waste of your time and mine.

Use the English language as it was meant to be used.  In some circles it's becoming a dying art which is a sad thing. 

This is not a forum or site where understandably somewhat restrictive rules are necessary, but common sense should tell anyone what subjects can be discussed and if not I will definitely clarify it.  I don't do well on forums as my opinions differ from the majority and I often feel segregated by my views on some subjects and end up lurking and or leaving altogether.   Hence this blog.

No bitching about or flaming of others here or anywhere else will be tolerated.  This is my place and I expect people to behave accordingly as if it were my home.  In fact I have now changed my settings so comments need to be reviewed by me before they get published, so if anyone is thinking of abusing me and if they are gutless and don't leave a name I recognize it will all be a waste of their time.  Not mine though because it won't bother me an iota.

One last thing for the moment...I don't have a FaceBook or Twitter account or any other social networking program and don't intend to.  The only thing I do use is Yahoo Messenger which I haven't re-installed since the last Windows install, but probably will sometime soon as I've been working with an ex Oblivion modder for some time on a game project using the Unreal Editor.  It makes communication easier since we both live on opposite sides of the globe and I'm more comfortable with this mode.

More later.  I imagine this was