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My Oblivion Mods

These are the mods I've released for Oblivion.  Most are animal companions, some pets only and others are fighters and protectors.   The first two are new and the others were made over the past couple of years but have been updated a few times.

The other mods are races and one house mod.

I'm only going to add a screen shot, a link and small description.  The complete Readme's and descriptions are at the download links.

A free Fileplanet account will be need to download any of these files from Planet Elder Scrolls.  (Outdated as I've removed my  mods from PES)  Most of them are also at TES Alliance.  However, it also require registration to access anything on the site.

UPDATE:  Mods Reloaded links added as I upload them.  I've also uploaded my Gypsy Moon Race (see bottom of this post) with a few edits.  I may or may not be updating it at some point soon as well.

Sable the Panther Companion.
This is definitely a fighting companion.  She has a collar and whiskers which if not using the mod mentioned below will make her unique among felines in Oblivion.
She has custom meshes and textures made by Waalx who is the author of the awesome mod Waalx Animals and Creatures, an overhaul for Oblivion.  It is much more than animals and creatures though and highly recommended.
It can be found here, but registration is also required to view related topics and to download.

Toc Toc Raven Companion also using files from Waalx mod.  It uses the Imp skeleton so it flies and has some of the same animations.  However, it is a bird and behaves like one as much as the game engine will allow.  He is also a fighting companion and has offensive spells to use in combat.  Ravens are very large birds so he is larger than a common crow.

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Next is Rosie, a black dog with a white chest and toes, and she is based on my much loved real life dog who died in 2007.   There are two files.  One has original old meshes and textures from that year and the latest file has new ones also made by Waalx.

Rosie is a fighter and protector.  The screen shot shows the new version.


Click to enlarge image

House Cats.  These are pets only and will flee from danger.  They are meant to be taken to your home as companion pets.  They have custom sounds and meshes and textures made by HSSSSA.  Two of them have textures made by SavageArtistry to add to the original four cats.


I've also made a separate mod to put these cats into Nehrim.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.
Available on request only.

NOTE:  There is an alternate esp which places the cats at Tirin Abbey instead of the Sanctum so as not to interfere with the Main Quest and not being able to get them after passing a certain point..  I had forgotten about that until someone pointed it out.   Instructions which must be followed are in the archive if anyone had been using the other version.

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Pet Foxes.  As are the cats these foxes are pets only and will not fight.  That's how I wanted them as foxes aren't meant to be fighters unless they are hunting mice or other small animals.  There are two foxes.  A red one called Timothy, whose name, and in fact the mod itself was requested by NOname101 and a gray one called Ru'Bel whose name was selected by corepc.

There are two files.  One places them in the IC and the other is Better Cities compatible placing them at Blankenmarch, by request.
Meshes and textures by Mr Siika and Mikal33

Tesnexus - All in one file with the Better Cities esp

Click to enlarge image

Vampire Bats for the discerning vampire.  Find an artifact in a vampire lair that will allow you to summon three bats at once for 60 seconds.   They have defensive spells and are not very strong, but provide a good diversion if needed.  Meshes, textures and sounds by Mr Siika


Click to enlarge image

 Sher Ja the Mountain Lion.  He was my first ever mod and I have a sentimental attachment to it because it was a learning curve and took a few tries to get it right.  There is a small quest to find him that will start on game load.   Read the note that will be added to the inventory for hints.

Tesnexus - this version has new meshes and textures, including whiskers.

The person he's attacking is not my character but an enemy from Oscuro's Overhaul.  An old screen shot.

Click to enlarge image

 Satu Ra - Lord of Beasts is a Pahmar, a variant of the Khajiit race according to Lore.   There is a small quest to find him which will start on game load.  Meshes and textures by Alienslof.

There is also aversion of Satu Ra for Nehrim but it doesn't have a quest.  However he is located in a dangerous area and you will need to level up or be able to run fast.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.

Available on request.

The image was taken in Nehrim at sunset.

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Tarana the Golden Impling.  This is a pet only, very small and will not fight.  There is a small quest to find her and a note added to the inventory with a little story.  She has custom purring sounds.  Meshes and textures by Alienslof.


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Boar Companion called Mike.  This mod and name was requested by dusann.  He is located at Aleswell.
Meshes and textures by corepc.

Available on request if anyone wants it as I don't have it currently uploaded anywhere.

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A hairy black spider named Alice because I'm an Alice Cooper fan.  She has defensive spells and is very dangerous, but not to you or friends, fortunately.  Meshes and textures by Malo and Alienslof.


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Maple Leaf Cottage is situated in the West Weald. It included two companion dogs called Dixie and Jessie as well as a horse called Gallant.  They can all be summoned and the horse will stay put when you dismount instead of wandering away.  The cottage has a basement and plenty of named storage.

Meshes and textures for the dogs and horse by Alienslof.  Paintings by Trollf.


The lion in the screen shot is not included.

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Gothic Breton Race Version 2.  This is a LITE version of SavageArtistry's race which is included in her Modified Hair and Eyes mod.

My version of this race includes a large selection of hair and eyes.  The eyes are Elaborate Eyes but will not cause the "googly eye" bug because I've included the eye meshes.  It also has a spell to summon a Spriggan called Avalon and a companion healing spell.

The race supports HGEC (default because that's what I use) UFF and Robert's male and female.  There are too many credits to list here. See the Readme for details.

There is also an esp to use this race in Nehrim.  The full mod must be installed first minus the Oblivion esp.  This version will NOT work in Oblivion.

Nehrim version available on request only as it's not currently uploaded anywhere.

Links removed.

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Elemental Weavers - Dremora Kin Version 2 is a race mod that also uses race files made by SavageArtistry.  It has a large selection of Elaborate Eyes with the eyes meshes included so there will be no "googly eyes" syndrome, as well as plenty of hair for male and female. It has a demon tale as well.
It supports HGEC (default) UFF and Robert's male and female.  It also has a summoned companion spider called Web Weaver as well as a custom spell especially for this race.  You will burst into flame when casting it but take no damage.  There is also a chest that contains two custom swords and some other minor extras. 
Too many credits to list here.  See the Readme for details.

Currently not uploaded anywhere. 

Click to enlarge images

Lullaby the Pet Sheep.   Two versions.  Pink and everyday grey/white normal sheep.  The pink textures, bow and ribbon were kindly made for me by Mondstein.

Lullaby can be found in her own shed and yard next to the Cheydinhal Stables.  I've also added a safe storage chest and a bedroll for player use.


Click to enlarge

Gypsy Moon Race
This race has three custom faces with a half moon tattoo on the cheek.  There are books to tell the story of their existence in Tamriel as well as a campsite with two elaborate tents, each with one of my house cats inside.  These cats are not companions, but will purr when activated.   There is also a horse called Moth and a wolf like dog called Lochru.
NOTE:  This race is female only as I don't have male face textures although it's based on the Imperial so theoretically you could make a male character and use the camp etc.

It supports all female body replacers as well as the default body.

Patch that fixes an issue with ears and earrings - requires the complete mod

Click to enlarge images

That's about it for now.  I have a few others that are not currently uploaded due to needing updates which I don't know when I will get around to.
Spirit of the Wolf
Spirit of the Wolf -Extended Version
Tiamat the Firedrake - Version one now at Tesnexus.

They are fully functional, but I prefer at the moment to wait until I decide if and when I'm going to do anything as far as updating, but if anyone wants them I can add links to where I have them hosted for storage.

They will be known by some players and occasionally I get a request for a couple of them.  Contact me for any of these mods at Tesnexus or other links I've provided.

Thanks if you've read this far and I hope you enjoy and of my mods if you should decide to try them.

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