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My faces of Oblivion and their background stories.

This is to show the faces of my favourite characters.  I'll make another section with general pictures and showing their pets.
I haven't finished writing their background and the how and why of their existence, but I'll add it to this post later.  They all have pets and protective animal companions.  Much like a guardian totem spirit and each is different.

This is Juniper.  Race:  My custom Redguard race.  Face and body textures by legendman.
This is my personal version.  It is unreleased and nor will it ever will be despite permissions granted in Readme's.

She's the daughter of a  Redguard mother and Imperial father.  Trained as a warrior within a family that shuns the use of magic, she nevertheless studies it in secret and is learning to combine both the life of a magic user and warrior.   She is an explorer at heart and despite sometimes dressing well and behaving in a ladylike manner when the occasion calls for it, she prefers to be in light serviceable armour wandering the deserts and forests of Cyrodiil helping people less well off than herself.
Her animal is a tamed mountain lion called Sher Ja.   At home she also has a little orange kitten called Whiskers, but he cannot fight and prefers a bowl of milk to exploring ruins and old forts.
To be continued.

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Sloane.   Race:  Gothic Breton  Original full version by SavageArtistry and this LITE version made by me.

This lady is very charismatic and loves the finer things in life.  A beautiful dress, sparkly jewelery and sumptuous surroundings are her element.  She hates to get bloody or muddy, but don't be fooled.  When provoked she turns into an able fighter.  Magic is her main offense and defense, but with a nicely turned blade at her side she can be as formidable as a dervish.  Soon after the fighting is over she somehow magically reverts back to the social butterfly she is without a hair out of place and a smile on her face.
Her animal companion is a black dog called Rosie.
To be continued.

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Next is Jessamine.    Race:  Corean race by idkrrr

Exotic and beautiful, she has a mysterious past with memories locked away, unable to be freed.  Orphaned at a very young age she has made her own way in the world, relying on no-one and no thing, except for her panther companion Sable.  One day she hopes to find the secret of her parentage and piece together the lost pages of her life.   She is an able magic user.  Magicka runs through her veins like a living drug and she doesn't hesitate to use it, whether to charm or to kill.  She is also accomplished with the bow and blade.   Where these talents came from she can't say, but from an early age she showed great promise and develops more power as time goes on.  Perhaps it is a legacy of her birth, but she is yet to discover the secret.

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Here we have the witch.  Antoinette De Rosa.   Race:  Blood Witch by Lucha

Unpredictable and dangerous, she takes what she wants and lets nothing stand in her way.  If she chooses she can charm her way out of a bad situation, but more likely will choose to create chaos and death wherever she goes.  She revels in the danger and the smell of blood and fear.   Her animal is actually a bird....a red eyed raven called Toc Toc, every bit as dangerous and ruthless as his mistress.

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Introducing Morikko.   Race:  My customized Wild Tabaxi Race.   Original author is Ran and is a variation of the Tabaxi by Luchaire..  This version will never be released.

She is a Tabaxi by birth and some say her family came from a very distant offshoot of the Khajiit, but that has never been proven.  Although some Tabaxi have more human features, she has the finer countenance of the cat she resembles.   Preferring the forests and wild lands to the cities she relies on her bow and her wits, hunting her prey like a prize mouser in the shadows.  Some may say her pale colouring would be a disadvantage in her chosen lifestyle, but she has adapted and has the ability to melt into the environment when necessary.   She has the mastery of illusion and alteration magic.
Her animal is a red maned wolf called Copper.

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Next is Solomon Thorn.  Race:  Blood Witcher by Lucha

 I haven't created his story yet but he is a noble by birth and by example.   A mage of extraordinary talent, he does not suffer fools, yet can be empathetic if the need arises.

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The newest member of  my Oblivion family is Ciarah.   Race:   Tolkien Elves by Kani Hime

She also doesn't have a history as yet, but she will be created as close to the true Elves as possible.

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Another new character who I also haven't created a story for, but she will be a regular in my game.

This is Savanna.    Race:  Lineage Elves by Miss Onatopp.  (2011 Update)
However, I've heavily customized her using hair from Lucha's Blood Witch (also included in Tolkien Elves), eyelashes, different eyes and Ozmo's HGEC body textures.  However, I'm using the updated Lineage Elves face textures which are exceptional and look much different to the original version.  In fact I didn't do much customizing to the face shape as they look very good as they are.

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