Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Creation Kit Is Now Live on Steam

The Creation Kit for Skyrim is now live on Steam  I've downloaded it and opened it to have a quick look but haven't done anything else.

Bethsoft CK forum:

CK Wiki

Had a long day and I'm too tired at the moment to get too excited, but the first thing I'll be looking at doing for myself is a house with lots of named storage instead of a heap of bookshelves and weapon racks that don't work properly.   I'm hoping some nice person will make an alchemy sorter or if not I'll just add chests near the alchemy table for easier access.

As an added extra Bethesda have also released a HD texture pack which is 3.2Gb.  I haven't downloaded it yet and I'm not sure my system will like it, but I'll keep an eye on the forums to see whether people are having performance hits on mid range systems.   My graphics card will be fine but the rest I'm not too sure of.  Besides I have a lot of nice texture replacers from Skyrim Nexus that I really like so I'd rather keep them, although I don't use world textures except for wood and furnishings.

The HD textures come as BSA's with esps to activate them so if they do have a performance hit they can easily be deactivated anyway.

I'm also happy to say my game is back to running well after some fiddling, but I'm still having the odd silent CTD which is preferable to freezes by far. As per instructions for the mod I mention below I did the 16 day wait clean save and was even able to go to Riften without a freeze.  It was a very quick visit to drop off some quest items so I'm hoping it wasn't just luck of the draw and it didn't choose to freeze just then. 

It's preferable to "wait" or sleep for 30 days to reset the world but ironically when I tried that inside Breezehome soon after installing the 1.4 patch my game froze on the 15th day cycle, so this time I quick saved after every 24hrs.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, but it worked this time.

I downloaded the excellent Deadly Dragons mod which also adds lots of new crafting items, armours and other loot and I'm enjoying it immensely.  I'm currently only using the "normal" difficulty and that is almost enough to make one scared to leave the city.   Just kidding.....  I will probably up the difficulty anyway because my warrior - sword and shield is at level 37 and I just mow through the toughest enemies without even getting hurt, so it's getting to be less of a challenge than with my sneaky level 57 Khajiit.

Highly recommended - Deadly Dragons

A bit later I'm going to try out Wars in Skyrim, but at the moment I'm enjoying NOT having masses of hostile encounters everywhere I go.  I did use FCOM and WAC with Oblivion though and loved it so it's a given that I'll progress to this mod.

Happy modding everyone!

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