Sunday, 26 February 2012

So Far, So Good

Well, I've reinstalled Skyrim and got as far as level 8 with a new character with only one freeze and no CTD's at all so far.  I'm also using the same mods I was before, plus a few more.  I cringe every time I save though and shut my eyes hoping it doesn't crash on saving again and more importantly that it doesn't corrupt all my saves.

I've even been to Riften and done a number of quests there, but I made sure to do it before progressing the main quest where dragons start spawning.   That's because every other time my game has crashed or frozen around Riften when a dragon appeared there (with one character) or just froze or crashed for no perceptible reason anywhere around and south of Riften with both characters, and that was right from the start when the game was first released.

Anyway, this is Sonje, a Nord warrior.   The screen shot was taken at night under a house light so she seems to have weird blotches on her chest, but that was shadows as well, I think.   I don't care really as long as I can continue playing without problems and maybe get her to 200 hours like my poor lost Khajiit.
R.I.P. Tukassi.  I may just remake her at some stage anyway.

BTW, the new drivers from NVidia make a massive difference to the game.  It runs even smoother than before.

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