Thursday, 3 March 2011

Summer's Over

Finally summer is over and Autumn has arrived, but that doesn't mean Ol' Sol has loosened his grip just yet.  The nights have become cooler and the days balmy, but we often have very high temperatures right up until late April.

In the city where I live it used to always rain buckets on ANZAC Day, but the past ten years or so it's been hot and dry nearly every time.  This year so far we've had good rain and expect more in the coming weeks leading up to winter.  Despite the disaster that occurred in Queensland, I live in a drought prone area and when rain is predicted it often seems to move around and past us.  The irony is my city was founded on swampy ground back in the late 1800's.

I can't say I'll miss summer.  I don't mind days with temps in the low to mid 30's C, but when it's 40+ for days on end AND humid it gets a bit much.  It's even worse when there are Northerly winds that dry everything up like a dust bowl.  Tempers fray, everyone is tired, gardens dry out and water is restricted, there's the fear of bush fires and it's generally unpleasant.

I've always loved Winter.   It's easier to get warm when it's cold than it is to cool off when it's stifling hot and even the cold water tap spouts hot water.

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