Sunday, 7 August 2011

Gothic 3 - Up All Night

Oh, I knew this would happen...  Since I started replaying Gothic 3 I've been up most of the night, every night for the last several days.   I saw the sun rise at 7am this morning after a marathon play session starting at 11pm the evening before.  Then I only shut it down and went to bed because my eyes almost needed matches to stay open and because my arthritic hands were so stiff and sore.

If you've never played a Gothic game you will be a bit lost in the following descriptions, but this is mainly for fans who will know what I'm talking about....and possibly new fans whose interest may be piqued about the games. 

Anyway, I ended up at Gotha, (via several other towns and just exploring this time) which used to be a Paladin stronghold before and during the war with the Orcs.  It's now cursed by a demon summoned by the god Beliar, and is full of undead....the paladins themselves.   There's a very good story behind it, and indeed the entire game, but if you haven't played the game it's a bit pointless explaining it in detail.

Anyway, the main reason I was up all night was to clear the area completely and get one of the sacred artifacts that was being held by the demon, as well as finding the teleport stone to Vengard, the capital city.   The city is behind a force field and the stone is the only way in....currently. 

That didn't take me all night of course, but when I arrived at Gotha I had to finish it and it was hard since I ran out of mana potions and was resorting to eating raw plants and fungi...ewww!    I'm primarily a mage so getting in close quarters with skeletons and zombies is a sure way to disaster.

Thankfully, I also have a good bow and did have a very useful companion, but he gave his life for the cause.  RIP Cyrus from Cape Dun!   Even healing him when I could get close enough wasn't sufficient in the end.  He has followed me all over Myrtana even after completing his quest and is, or was very useful. 

Gorn who was at Gotha as a prisoner until I released him isn't nearly as good or versatile as he only uses an axe where Cyrus uses bow and blade.  I say only an axe because Gorn has to get into close quarters to fight and just seems to endlessly fight rather than do much damage or so it seems.  I can't get at him to heal sometimes in large fights either, and healing the enemy by accident isn't the way to go!!  That's for masochists!!

For now until I head for the desert Varant and pick up Diego,  I'll rely on my druid spells to call animals to fight for me which is often better anyway as the animals don't seem to get stuck on things and seem to find paths to follow me much easier.  Copper, the other early companion is also six feet under and he wasn't very strong to start with.  I think the Orcs got him if I remember that far back, as he's a rebel and factions mean something in this game, even down to the armour I wear.

What made it epic and a lot harder, particularly at Gotha which is part of the main quest, is the whole thing has been beefed up and balanced by the Community Patch team as previously it was so easy it was laughable.  A few fireballs to the demon and it was dead, but not it's a worthy opponent.

You know when there are games like the Gothic series, Two Worlds and a few others around even though they are getting old now I find it hard to raise any enthusiasm for Skyrim.  I've only watched a couple of trailers and that was because someone suggested them to me.

The hype and promises don't impress me, especially after Oblivion and it's empty world and dumbed down game play which was saved only by modders.   Even though I will more than likely buy Skyrim I don't feel the anticipation many seem to.   Any functions like crafting armour, cooking, smithing, prospecting, actual factions and consequences, not to mention a living world that goes on around you and not because of you, have been done way before Bethesda even thought of it. 

Unless there is something very special to set Skyrim apart from other games of it's type it's going to seem like a copy of previous games to me, just with different graphics.  Even the horned helm worn in one of the Skyrim trailers is in the Gothic games.  I realize it's concept probably came from reality, but it looks exactly the same, even down to the colour and shape.

My preference in rpg's is medieval style rather than sci fi.  I wish more developers would put as much thought into their games as some of the developers of days gone by.  The day of the casual gamer is upon us....sadly.

Click to enlarge screen shots if so desired

The Demon of Gotha - best pic I could get under the circumstances.  Would have been easier if it wasn't for the cursed bony fellows and their rotting friends getting in my way and stabbing and poking me in the ribs all the time. And there are a lot of them.

I call down the lightning to smite thee....awesome spells in this game except the higher level and AOE ones take too long to cast, especially if you're about to be overwhelmed, so you have to get on a ledge or somewhere the mobs can't get at you which isn't easy.   That doesn't save you from archers though.  The visual effects are better than seen's a matter of capturing it at the right time.

The now deceased Cyrus and a Warg which I tamed via a druid spell.   The Warg is trying to sniff it's

Trolls in tandem.   Cyrus gave up on the crossbow and waded in with his sword.   I of course cast fireballs and healed Cyrus when necessary.  I'm not a great melee fighter so I keep my distance.

The Nameless treasure hunter.

Prospecting for gold.

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