Thursday, 18 August 2011

Live Exports - Sheep This Time

Sometimes I wish I lived in a bubble, isolated and away from other people where I didn't have to hear about the depravity and cruelty that seems to be increasing every day and in more depressing ways.   I realize that in reality it's not increasing so much as being revealed and the secrecy behind it is being exposed.   It just seems like there's more because as the population increases so the trash and dregs of society proliferates and grows.

This is about the recent expose of how live sheep from Australia are being treated at abattoirs in Turkey and here is an article outlining the basics is from a few hours previous to the time of this post.

I'm  not going to write another long post about how I feel about this as I've already expressed my opinion here of the inhumanity and cruelty of certain cultures and their mistreatment of animals....and in fact their own people.  I'm not going to add a video link either as I saw some of it on the news and it made me angry, sickened and depressed again that these people call themselves f*cking human.   I couldn't watch all of it.

There's also a stranded transport ship sitting at Port Adelaide, South Australia (the state I live in) which has 67,000 sheep aboard and they've been there since last week in cramped, dark and unsatisfactory conditions.  The ship is bound for Qatar and on the way many sheep are expected to die as have many already.
Interestingly, the RSPCA have been refused access to the ship to check the welfare of the animals, but people living in nearby suburbs have commented on the smell of excreta and death...since many have already died.

As it says in the article...even if the ship were to leave today it's hard to imagine a month or more of stifling heat in those conditions inside a floating steel coffin, and if the animal survives that, all it has to look forward to is a brutal slaughter by cruel methods.

You know what's as bad if not worse than this?  The politicians from both major parties who voted NOT to stop Live Trade to these countries today in Parliament.   Blood sucking, money grabbing poor excuses for human beings.   I also have little to no sympathy for the farmers who are crying about loss of livelihood and know these practices exist.   It's all tied up in politics and money.   

Next election I would rather pay the fine than vote for any of these bastards or I'll vote for an Independent with no preferences to the major parties as I've done in past years.   They are all lacking in conscience and democracy is a joke. Voting is compulsory here in case people were unaware. 

Years ago the Govt closed down many abattoirs in this country and many people lost jobs, which of course flowed on to other industry.   It's a job I wouldn't do under any circumstances, but if humans want to eat meat, someone has to and at least, one would hope, controls can be set in place and monitored here.  By the way, I do eat meat when I can afford it, but I prefer mine to come from animals that have been humanely treated at least...even to their death.

It's been said that if Live Exports are banned here some other country will take up the slack. Good on them, and shame on them if they do knowing this shit least we can have a clear conscience...or we could hope.

I've seen people commenting in various places "but they are only sheep, who cares"  and other less choice and despicable things, but there are always lowlifes and sickos that get off on this kind of thing.   They are beneath contempt and don't even deserve acknowledgment or a reaction, and should be ignored and hard as that is since there is so much scum floating in the human pond.

There's so much I could say on this subject, but it's given me another headache. Suffice to say at the moment I am supporting a protest group and as has been said before...the more I know about people the more I like animals.   Except for a select few people I call friends, people can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. 

I know the song is old but the lyrics are appropriate and I couldn't think of a newer song off the top of my head. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Neither is it humane.

Just remember it's not a great step up from animal cruelty to abuse of children which we already know is rife and a flourishing industry. Closing ones eyes doesn't make it go away.

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