Thursday, 4 August 2011

Oblivion Experiment

A few screen shots of an experimental Oblivion race I put together after I was given the main files yesterday.

It gave me something to do after recovering from a virus that I thought started out as one of the migraine headaches I have on a regular basis.  I still feel like crap and I know I'm supposed to be answering emails among other things, but I'll get to that tomorrow or the next day.  I'm not ignoring anyone....just don't feel like talking at the moment, virtually or otherwise.  My apologies.

Anyway, the race is not much use except for screen shots as the eyes don't blink and there's very little facial expression although it is functional as far as game play goes I suppose.  Since screen shooting factors in as a very small percentage of my game play time, I doubt I will use the race except maybe for a few more pictures.

Hence...the experiment.     By the way, don't ask for it as the hair is private (separate mod files) and I imagine so are the rest of the race files although they could probably be found with some diligence.  I don't actually know where they came from myself, so I can't help there anyway.

You'll notice the lack of AA and some jaggies against the black background.  I forgot to enable it after some fiddling and indecision about Bloom and HDR.  I've gotten used to Bloom now and I prefer it to the eye jarring glare.  

As someone commented at Tesnexus a little while ago, (in a controversial hot topic), that screen shots with the jaggies are hideous and shouldn't be allowed as they are an offense to the eye,  among other things (slight paraphrasing as his words were even more offensive) ......enjoy and suck it up...   They weren't my screen shots he was talking about though as I don't have any at Tesnexus to be criticized, but I'm pretty sure it offended some people.  We commoners are treated so unjustly sometimes.  And that was sarcasm if no-one guessed.

Click to enlarge if so desired.

Ice Cream Sundae


Porcelain Doll

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