Friday, 21 October 2011

Deus Ex : Human Revolution

What can I say....I bought this game on Wednesday and installed it, but didn't have time to play until last night which ended up being a 6 hour marathon.  I only really stopped playing then because I had a neck

Previously I had read a lot of reviews and watched some Let's Play videos and had more or less decided to buy it no matter what since I loved the first game in the series so much.  I played every mod that ever came out for that game.  It was, and still is a true classic.

Deus Ex:Human Revolution is all I hoped it would be and more..  It's not just drop dead gorgeous graphically, but the game play is excellent with a good and diverging story with lots of side quests, and I haven't even left the first city yet.   I can see this being a long and very involving game, much like the first installment.  

In many games I either turn the music off if possible, or lower the volume so I can't hear it because it eventually gets annoying, particularly in games that announce every enemy encounter before it happens, or even if an enemy is somewhere close and never attacks.  The music in this game is unobtrusive and pleasant to listen to especially in the city hubs where it''s always appropriate to the situation.

It doesn't hurt that Adam Jensen is so nice to look at  In fact all of the characters and animations are top notch, as is the voice acting.  Cut scenes are like mini  movies...and that is not a criticism. 

Choices and consequences...this is how a game should be and it's done well in my opinion.  I'm trying to go the stealth route mostly as it gains more reward and feels more tense, but like most stealth games I sometimes lose patience and go in guns blazing, which I am pretty good at if I do say so myself.   I've been playing fps and other shooter games since they were first developed way, way back more years than I care to remember at times, so I've had quite some practice.

Another thing is it's such a pleasure to play a game that has no problems with crashing or any other glitches, or at least I haven't had any at all.  I'm extremely happy with STEAM, as I am with Fallout New Vegas and a couple of other games I have that use it and I imagine it will be the same with Skyrim. 

The only complaint I have and it's not really a complaint as such, is some items don't stack in the inventory, but hey, someone has already made a mod for it.  I haven't tried it yet because in a way it's a bit overpowered with the amounts of items one can store, but I might give it a whirl later when I need, or want to keep more items.
It's here if anyone is interested:

Between this game, Age of Conan and Skyrim when 11:11:11 arrives, I'll have my gaming fix for quite some time.  I can already see Deus Ex:HR has a lot of replay value.

I'll write a bit more later and add some screenshots.  Need to catch up on 40 or so winks....especially since I spelled the name of the game incorrectly and just realized in time to change it before I logged out.

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