Saturday, 8 October 2011

Games Bosses...Arrrggg!!!

What is it with game bosses???  In particular at this moment bosses in Age of Conan, but any game really.  I hate them.  

It's rapidly becoming my opinion that they are basically cowards and scaredy cats who can't take on a puny warrior single handed without help when they realize they are about to lose.

For example I'm trying to kill the Blood Defiler Guardian in my Destiny Quest which is a single player quest, and when I get him to 50% health he knocks me down and runs back to his pool of blood to heal and before I can get up he's back at 100%.   I've poisoned the blood pool as part of the quest requires yet he's still a pain in the rear....literally.   I'll get him though and stay in the cave if it takes me forever as I've tried to get through this instance several times.   It's part of my main quest so I can regain my memories and lost abilities according to the main story.

The first few times was my own fault because being a newbie I didn't realize I wasn't using my combos properly.   Fixed that and killed the other baddies with no problem even when they came in pairs and even though they are leveled exactly to me for this quest.  I had big problems with the Arch Mage in the same area because of this, but he was a pushover when I finally got it right.  He also summons huge snakes to help him when he starts losing....didn't work this time buddy.  Ahhhahaha!!!

UPDATE:  I got the Blood Defiler Guardian this time.  The trick was to lure him so far away from the blood pool that he couldn't get back to it in time to regenerate after he knocked me down and I was able to chase and catch him before he could get back.  Also laying into him and running to keep him away from the blood pool helped me to regain stamina which was my main problem as I couldn't use combos without it. I had plenty of stamina potions but they didn't work fast enough unless I ran and kept him following me so I could also regen stamina.  I tried that before, or so I thought, but this time it worked on the second try.  Yay!!

 It felt SO good and like I really achieved something that I was starting to think was almost impossible.

I hate bosses in general in games.  Another example is a boss in a sewer system in AOC.  I would get him to half health and then he summons half a dozen crocodiles to help him....but in the end he FAILED epicly!!!lol.

It doesn't help that I have crap reflexes and start losing focus in a long drawn out fight due to arthritis in my hands and fingers, but I'm persevering and more importantly...winning.

Giant bosses who need help to kill a single human wielding nothing but a huge axe (and some awesome combos and abilities mind you) have confidence issues IMHO.

Watch your back you cowards!.  I'm coming to get you!   Eeeyyaaahh!!!

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