Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Let Me Google That For You

Update:   Just a small clarification here.  I would NOT use this for the pleasure of humiliating someone or for cheap thrills as that is not something I would do.  I DO NOT believe in humiliation to get a point across as many people do.   That mentality just shows how insecure the people who feel the need to put others down actually are. 

I don't consider myself juvenile or immature enough to find satisfaction in that kind of behaviour, so I don't need anyone to suggest or remind me to take care where and how I use it....if I can even be bothered.  Thanks all the same, but I'm not completely devoid of common sense.

I found this link today when I was reading some topics on a game forum where a frustrated poster was trying to get a message across to someone who couldn't be bothered to try to "get it."

I've probably seen it before but never really took much notice even though I use Google quite a lot myself.  I must say it gave me a good laugh when I clicked the link.  

This is the absolutely perfect solution to that person who is looking for quick answers to a problem but doesn't bother to read or even skim over other posts in a related forum thread,  ignores mod Readme's, can't be bothered typing a question into a search engine or is just too damn lazy (and worse than that, they say they are too lazy.)

I'm going to make use of this in future I can tell the right situation of course.  See above.

 As stated on the search page:
"For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves."

Let Me Google That For You

Then there's this one for when you're really pulling your hair out with some people or have had a bad day:

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