Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Oblivion Mods at Mods Reloaded and Other Issues

Today I asked "loder" the Admin and site owner of Mods Reloaded (via PM) to remove or allow me to remove my Oblivion files at Mods Reloaded as I can't see or find any option to do it myself.  I will also be removing the links I have here.   This is not personal, however it was prompted by a topic that was bought to my attention recently regarding mods hosted there without permission.   Whether that's true or not I have no idea except that it was mentioned in a topic at the Nexus in the Modders only area.   I also have no desire to discuss it further and am under no obligation to supply an explanation, but I will if necessary.

I dropped in there (Mods Reloaded) today because I haven't been there in awhile and to see if there was anything of interest in the forums.  I found a topic made by a user that says he will take all the "best" adult and non adult mods from the Nexus and re-upload them.  A post was made by another user who said it was unwise and she wouldn't like it if it were her files.   The OP responded by saying if anyone complained they could remove the files...after the fact.  Not good enough.

"loder" who is the site Admin as mentioned above responded by saying permission must be sought beforehand and there were no further responses except mine.

Now onto that response of mine.   I am most likely getting myself banned from there and if that's the case so be it.  I don't have time for drama, but I saw something via links and curiosity that really annoyed me.

I have no wish to offend "loder" as he has always been very nice and helpful as opposed to a couple of his moderators, one of which accused Waalx, and myself by extension since I'm Admin and taking care of his forum, of ripping content from other games for use in Waalx Animals and Creatures.  This is utter rubbish and would have been contested years ago, particularly since WAC has been in production since before 2008 when I found out about it.

The thing that really pissed me off is the other person who commented in the above mentioned topic is someone with whom I had a disagreement late last year and has changed all her user and profile names, at least at MR where it's allowed by the user.   Change your user name if you like, but you're still the same person underneath.  At the time of the (one sided) disagreement and since I'm not good enough to confront except by rapidly removing the forum and blog from view, along with my access and friend adds on other forums, without even having the fortitude to confront me speaks volumes.    All within a couple of hours or less. 

This is her new forum and the post on the main page which really made me angry.

And the post in case it's deleted which wouldn't surpise me.

 Other than myself, there are no moderators/administrators for this forum. After my last moderator felt it was okay to tell me off on my own forum for saying a certain thing should be more carefully considered before posting, I no longer trust the judgement of others. Please do not ask to become a moderator here. You will be refused. Thank you.

I hope I don't need to remind people that yes, I can tell others how to behave in areas that are mine and I can ban them if they refuse to behave themselves. It's no different than showing an unruly guest to the door. Just because you or I may be in the United States, there's no "free speech" on privately owned sites any more than one can cry about free speech in a private residence. If you have something to say you are free to open your own site, forum or blog and say it there."

There are two sides to every story and normally I wouldn't do what I'm doing now and bitching about it publicly, however the truth is a little twisted here.   The basis of the reason for "telling" her off was because certain things finally came to a head.  Telling me how to behave morally in my private life, in the private forum area in particular, which happened more than once.   Your post which came after mine about that stupid "Just Google It" message, and that I found it amusing if used in a non offensive way was over the top and the final straw.  There was the strong hint and assumption that people would play a cruel joke on someone using it and I have in fact seen it happen.  However, the way it was worded like the other moral lessons I've put up with, was very easily interpreted as being directed at me.

I freely admit to responding in an angry manner and wasn't surprised about the resulting defensive action. However I don't regret it as I did not swear or use offending language and spoke the harsh truth even though it broke forum rules.   I won't be accused of unnecessary cruelty or causing embarrassment to others for the sake of it, and as anyone who knows me will testify it's something I am dead against.   Nor was I willing to put up with the fundamentalist religion based, moral judgements any longer.   I agreed with many things that we talked about, but telling me how to live and what to believe just got to be more than I could take.   That post was just the straw that broke the camel's back.  

The basic problem had absolutely nothing to do with forum issues.  It was just unfortunate that that was the catalyst and place it happened.  After being a forum member/moderator and so called friend since 2008 this is how I was treated after one so called infraction.  I was NOT banned or confronted, but cut off in a cowardly manner.

Trust is earned.   Don't mislead others because of your incapacity to assert yourself up front rather than indirectly and with little digs and jabs in private discussion.  That's all I have to say.


  1. Why do you think you would be banned? Your mods have been removed.

  2. Because of an added comment I made in a post related to the other things I mentioned here, not because of the mods. It was in a post related to mods being uploaded without permission though.

    I imagine it's against the rules to point out that there are two sides to a story and I know I did it in anger. However, I meant every word and it's the truth.