Saturday, 28 January 2012

Skyrim - Bad Faendal...Bad!

 I started a new character called Sigrid which was the first name that came to me when I started a new game and then I realized there's an NPC with the same name.  I don't suppose it matters as my Nord is Dragonborn and she isn't.    I usually check out name generators or name sites because names have meaning to me as it helps to develop a feeling for the character among other things.

Ugh! I'm trying to type this under threat of  another massive thunder storm.  We had one a couple of hours ago and the power went off for a millisecond, just enough to shut the computer off.  I only heard the thunder because it was so loud it sounded like it was centered on my house and I was playing music at the time.  I went outside to look, but before I got back to properly shut down the PC the storm did it for me.

Anyway..... no damage done.  Might have to make some corrections later when the storms have passed.  Paranoia,in case something bad happens.  I hate storms.

This is Sigrid.   She has freckles which look a bit blotchy in this pic but I've since downloaded a texture which improves that immensely and looks very good.  She's a Nord, heavy armour, one handed blade and shield with Restoration and Alteration.  Since I was practically addicted to Age of Conan for several months before Skyrim was released I got to like the warrior build although I played that as a Guardian specializing in two handed swords.  I find two handers too slow and cumbersome in Skyrim though and I like shield bash...a lot.   Coupled with Unrelenting Force (haven't yet gotten my other favourite shouts like Ice Form and Fire) it makes for a very intense and satisfying experience.

I wasn't intending to use followers for this build but I decided to take Faendal along for the first few levels as support.  That worked out OK until we were attacked by a Thalmor group...well I asked for it (on purpose) by demanding to know what they were doing with their prisoner.    I never had a problem with friendly fire with my Khajiit and she has a permanent follower, but Faendal suddenly went permanently hostile to me and I couldn't stop him.  I didn't think of the console at the time, but I was ready to go it alone anyway by that time, with Vigilance and my horse.

I ended up knocking him down and leaving him to his own devices by leaving the area and waiting for a few hours thinking he might reset if I went back to find him.  Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen when I returned and he took all the gear I'd given him to hold along with him.  Luckily, it was mainly ore and some generic weapons and stuff I planned to sell and nothing really least as far as I remember and it wasn't worth reloading.

Eventually, I traveled to Riverwood and who do I meet on the street but Faendal returned to his default state and without my gear.  He greeted me as if I were his best friend in the world.  I had a few choice words for him but it was like water off a duck's

So, further down the track and I'm doing the Companions quests, one of which was a Radiant one where I had to rescue a hostage.  According to the UESP it can be any non important and non essential NPC and any fort, cave or other random location they have to be rescued from and are ongoing quests.   Imagine my amusement when it turned out to be Faendal who had been kidnapped by Forsworn, though how they grabbed him from a small village on the other side of the map is anyone's guess.  I was so tempted to leave him to their "tender mercy," but then I would still have the quest in my list and no-one would give me another job until I finished it.   After I got him back home and told him to stay there because if he got into trouble again he would have to get himself out of it.  It all fell on deaf ears of course.

Since I'm doing the companions quest line I decided to continue and become the "wolf."  I didn't go that far with my Khjaiit because it just didn't fit her style.  After the initial transformation I decided to clear a few caves and on exiting one of them I thought I would give the beast form a look as I don't really plan to keep or use it except to complete the quests.  Unfortunately, when I exited the cave it was still very early morning and dark so I waited for a few hours, transformed in daylight and discovered I was practically right next to a fort with Storm Cloaks wandering outside.  They attacked of course and I retaliated just for the experience and died soon after.  Werewolf form is very underpowered in my opinion, but I also wasn't really prepared for a fight and didn't check which keys did what or to feed to regain health.

The Storm Cloaks are my buddies so I reloaded, especially after this...
and this...

However, Vigilance thought it was amusing to have a big bad werewolf as a friend.  He wasn't fazed at all.

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