Saturday, 21 January 2012

Skyrim The Most Annoying NPC I've Yet Encountered In 217 Hours

OK, so last night a courier shoved a letter from a friend into my hand as he rushed by just outside Morthal.  The letter from this ever increasing mysterious friend, directed me to the High Gate Ruins where I subsequently learned the first word of the Storm Call shout.  Haven't tried it out yet, but I believe it kills everyone, friend or foe which is unfortunate.  Since I'm calling the storm you would think I would control who it kills...Oh well it'll be useful for the end of the Main Quest.

The ruin also has one of the Dragon Priests in residence so I took his mask as well as some nice loot.

Anyway, back on track...when you first enter the ruins there's a woman standing nearby.  Her name is Anska and she is constantly using a ward buff, probably Steadfast Ward or Stoneflesh.  She wants help to find a particular scroll but doesn't think she can do it alone, although as it turned out she is a pretty good mage and could have done it by herself.

If people think Barbas the dog was a pain in the rear, this woman is twice as bad.  She pushes so close to me that she's almost under my skin and since I'm a sneaky archer she constantly breaks sneak because she herself doesn't all.  My skill is at 100 anyway so it's not like I'm bothered about leveling it, but she alerts every Draugr Overlord and trash mob way before we get anywhere near them.  

I thought my companions were bad with alerting enemies and stealing my kills, but this woman takes the cake.  When we arrived at the last chamber before the Dragon Priest she ran over half a dozen pressure plate triggers to get to the door.  Needless to say the traps were fire and poison which doesn't hurt me now anyway, but that's not the point.  It's that she sticks to me like flypaper and the traps are triggering every time I move out of the way because SHE steps on them while I'm getting ready to enter the final chamber with the Dragon Priest. 

It's not enough she has to crowd me by standing nose to nose, and I'm not exaggerating, but she says."Get away from me!" over and over.  You have no idea how many times I FUS RO DAH'ed this imbecile off ledges and down long corridors with traps just to get her away from me.  Unfortunately, being an imbecile AI, and obviously immortal, she just gets back up, shakes herself off and continues on as if nothing untoward had happened.  It's quite normal to be thrown with "unrelenting force" way, way down a corridor with lots of sharp objects or down a level onto hard and sharp objects without batting an eyelid....

And to top it all off my reward for getting the scroll which I couldn't read or use if I wanted to as it's called Secret Scroll, was a Spell Tome which is useless at my level, which is 54.   It's a spell to conjure a flaming familiar wolf which explodes when anyone, including the player gets close, although I think it's the timer more than anything which is like 10 seconds.  It does look pretty cool, but does no damage whatsoever even to normal Draugr.   It's not even useful as a distraction as it doesn't last long enough.

Other than that I've now finished the civil war quests in favour of Ulric, who for many reasons I would support again rather then the Imperials.    I think I've almost run out of locations and misc quests for this character, or I should say quests I want to do, and all that's really left is to take on Alduin in the final battle. 

The character I'm playing is my only one thus far and has mainly been a testing run through the game so I know what I want to do and what I don't next time.

Also in case people haven't seen it yet, Bethesda announced yesterday the 1.4 patch and the CK "should" be on track for release in the next couple of weeks.   The list of fixes in the patch is a very good start.

Kharjo:  "But, but I wanted the Dragonscale armour."
Tukassi: "Not this again.  You specialize in heavy and that's what you're getting.  Like it or lump it."
Kharjo:  "But...
Tukassi: "I crafted that armour with my bare hands from the bones of mighty dragons.  Mighty dragons!"
Kharjo:  Bares teeth.....
Tukassi: I saw that you ingrate.  Next time you set off a trap and poison me you won't get any salmon treats."
Kharjo:  Mutters...bares teeth.....

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