Thursday, 24 March 2011

Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced

If you have Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods mouldering away in your PC games collection the much awaited Enhancement Patch has finally arrived.  

For anyone who plays and loves the Gothic series of games like I do, this is a very nice surprise.  I've been following the progress of the patch and was very delighted to find it's now done.

I have the DVD which is fortunate for me, but the full game including the patch is now also available on STEAM for a small price.

I installed the game and then the patch tonight, played for around three hours, (until I couldn't find an item I needed and it's early hours of the morning) and I have to say what the community have done for this game is nothing short of a miracle.

Previously, it was virtually unplayable, massively buggy and just tragic.  Another JoWood disaster.   The changelog alone reads like a short story, so much that they more or less rewrote the entire game.

If anyone thought Gothic 3 itself was buggy and problematic, Forsaken Gods was aptly named.  Now, it runs smoothly, is optimized and bug fixed as much as humanly possible.  So far, about the only thing I can't get used to is that Nameless has a different voice actor, or seems to.  But, sometimes there have been a few phrases where he speaks and sounds like the hero of old.  It's certainly not awful, in fact he doesn't speak in the stilted way he used to, but I used to like his narratives as it gave him character. 

The game continues on from two years after the ending of Gothic 3.   It's familiar territory in Myrtana for the most part, except for some of the cities which have been altered a bit to reflect the changes after the last war with the Orcs.

This is the World of Gothic page announcing the Enhancement Patch.   Go to page 10 for download links at the moment since they haven't updated the first post as yet.    Page 9 has the Changelogs in various languages.

Kudos and thanks to the Community Patch team who made the Gothic 3 Enhancement Pack and now this one for Forsaken Gods.

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