Monday, 28 March 2011

My Bloody Neighbours

I'm sitting here in front of my monitor trying not to have a fit of screaming.  I live in a semi-detached house and my bloody neighbour is once again playing music so loud I can't hear myself think.  I retaliate by turning my music up to try and drown his out or what I normally do when playing games or playing music,( because I try to be considerate), use headphones or ignore it which is getting very hard to do.

Thankfully for him it's presently mid afternoon, but this goes on in the early hours of the morning as well.  Also, which is just as well for him,  he seems to have a short attention span as this usually goes on for around an hour and then stops.  Until next time of course.  I suppose I should be grateful it's often music I like and not crap like rap or country.

Oh damn!   I spoke too soon.  He's playing Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Cyrus...cringe...

I have spoken to him, but he's very abusive, very big (more than 6 foot tall) and prone to hitting things, like walls, and he scares me.  He's even threatened my dog and myself when he thought I couldn't hear.  I've heard him hurl disgusting abuse at his mother when she visits him, so I'm not feeling particularly brave about confronting him. 

I'm tempted to call the police next time I hear the screaming matches and door slamming, but I'm worried about retaliation which I'm sure would happen.  I imagine his mother is used to it, but for the life of me I don't get why she puts up with it.  Actually I do, as I have a family member very similar who drinks to excess and blames his problems on everything and everyone else, but he's not violent.

The neighbour on the other side who moved in a few months ago after the 93 year old lady who used to live there went to a nursing home, revs his wreck of a car at top volume and plays AC/DC which must be the only CD he has because its always the same songs.   I'm often up playing a game or browsing the Net in the early hours when it should be quiet, but I've seen (and heard) him sitting in his car on the front lawn also playing this one tape or CD, yelling and cursing at who knows what.

He's a skinny little guy in his 70's or looks it anyway.  I've only spoken to him once, not about the car and music though, and he told me all about his time in prison, how he gets violent and punches people out when he drinks and other stuff I didn't want to hear about.  I'm not worried about him though as he looks like a strong puff of wind would blow him over as well as the fact he needs a walking frame to get around.

What's the price of a quiet life?

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