Monday, 28 March 2011

Dues Ex: Human Revolution

I am so looking forward to this game which will be out before Skyrim and looking at the system requirements means I can play it without a computer overhaul.  

The first installment was a triumph in game play and story telling and I absolutely love the music.  It was and is a very long game, but doesn't suffer from it by losing focus or filling in content to make it last longer which can be an issue with some games.  Even though it was released in 2001 (I think) it is still being modded and is very popular.   I even dragged out my old CD's and installed it again not so long ago and played a few of the larger mods which are very, very good.   A couple I could mention are Redsun 2020 and The Nameless mod.

Now, I want to get it out again and have a play...Ah!  nostalgia for real games.

The second game wasn't so great being aimed more at console players, was around 1/2 the size and didn't have the same depth, but was worth one play through.

Here's hoping the 3rd installment is as good as the first and from what I've read it will be.

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