Friday, 18 November 2011

Horse Tales (!) And A Dog

I've been playing PC games since back in the 1990's and I can truly say no game has engrossed and enthralled me like Skyrim has and I give a big thanks to Bethesda and everyone involved in it's development.

I have never ever played a game that has gotten me so immersed in it's story and the complete feeling of the game itself.  Not even Oblivion.  The night before last I killed a dragon at a small village where several other NPC's and guards also took part.   When I absorbed the dragon soul they all said "I've never seen anything like that before," and then with awe and respect they cried "Dovahkiin...Dragonborn!"   I know it's all scripted but I actually shed a tear because the voice acting and emotion is so well done.

I found this video on Youtube that translates the dragon language in the main theme.  This theme is just incredible and really stirs the blood.  I can listen to it over and over.   The complete game music package is a triumph of composition.  I usually, if possible, turn off game music in the game ini, or Options because it annoys me after awhile, but I listen to this in game and never get sick of it.

I've had very few problems which I'm sure will be patched or modded and in the whole scheme of things are really pretty minor.  The UI still annoys the hell out of me, but not as much as the map.  That I will never like.  I've gotten used to the menus and having to use the keyboard since there's no other choice, but even that is not perfect.   When  using the keys in menus and dialogue the incorrect response is often selected which can be frustrating in battle or in dialogue with NPC's.   Plus, if one wants to remap their keys it breaks others as some are used for multiple purposes.

A game of this scope and massive content is bound to have a few issues...besides the UI and it annoys me sometimes to see people nitpick the most minor things seemingly to just have a whinge as though they were determined to not like it or find issues.

Another thing I hope is fixed is the horse controls.  As I mentioned in another post the controls are awful.  I've also discovered the horse cannot move backwards, for example to back up out of a corner or the edge of a bridge or cliff that a simple key press often lands me in.  I purchased another horse last night which I will hopefully come to grips with with practice IF it doesn't rush in and get itself killed by a bandit or a dragon.  Horses are suicidal in this game, but as I've said before the biggest gripe is the old problem where enemies target it first and totally ignore me.  That is the worst thing of all.

By the way..."Tales" in the title was intentionally spelled that way. in case anyone wonders...XD. 

I love black and while animals whether it's dogs, cats or horses.  Don't know why but it's definitely nothing to do with a football team because I don't follow footy or any other sport for that matter.

Foot (hooves) soak after a long run.   The stable manager said the horse is a "she" so that's how I

My companion Lydia disappeared while I was clearing a dungeon, part of the main quest, and I assume she will be back at my house with the gear I left with her.  I guess she got sick of waiting for  I made her and my dog wait because I was also testing some scrolls for a mage guild member and if they got in the way they died from the extended length of the spell.  I have a heal other spell but it still wasn't enough to keep them alive, not to mention myself as the spell scrolls have to be used in melee range.  Healing myself and them constantly just wasn't an option.  

She didn't have anything really important in her inventory but I would like the dragon bones and scales back so I can sell them.  If not, well that's life.  I'll make other arrangements for baggage next time.

This is Vigilance, my war dog.  I purchased him at the Markath stables for 500 gold and he's been worth every coin.  Not only does he keep up with me as I have a fast running speed, unlike other companions who are way, way behind all the time and can't ride horses either, but he has better pathing than the NPC companions and doesn't get in my way in small dungeon corridors or fights.  He is also low enough to escape traps that companions seem to love setting off by walking over pressure plates.

I'm hoping though that Bethesda or modders do something to expand the companion options more like they are in Fallout New Vegas, but they work well anyway, so I'm not really complaining.    I have no interest in the relationship or marriage options in the game as I don't role play to that extent and I believe from what I've read it's only very basic anyway.

This is my character Tukassi in a golden mood.  I picked up some Elven armour which I actually like this time round.  The Oblivion Elven along with most of the other armours, and clothing, is just plain ugly.

A view in a cave.  This doesn't do the scene justice really as the lighting and water in game is just so beautiful, but doesn't translate to a screen shot so well and I refuse to "shop" them as it's not really true to the game.

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