Sunday, 13 November 2011

Skyrim Continued

Well, despite my whinge about the menus and map I'm enjoying this game so much I can imagine playing it for years to come.   Around every corner I'm finding something to be amazed at and I'm not that easily pleased or impressed.  This beats Oblivion by many, many degrees in my opinion.  Even though I realize Oblivion is six years old it always seemed to be a blank canvas with a lot of heart missing to me, something for modders to finish.

The main story in Skyrim, side quests, music, locales, wildlife, NPC AI....and just everything I've seen so far is totally superior.  It's not about graphics for me as much as actual content and Skyrim does it better thus far, without mods, and I've a long way to travel.

Last night I was in a cave system where bandits hang out and the central cavern has to be seen to be believed.   Even the companion I have with me made a comment about it, which I realize is scripted but I couldn't have said it better.  "Would you look at that."  he said in total amazement.  I had to agree.

Every dungeon I've been in, and that's only half a dozen so far, has been totally unique and outstanding.  At one ruin I was warned off by the villains before getting too close.  I tried anyway and let's just say it didn't go well.   Will revisit that one later....  Thank you Bethesda!

I've killed my second dragon.  Took quite awhile as I had to run and hide behind some pillars, duck out, throw lots of fireballs (frost dragon) and slowly roast it.   I'm a bit sad that I have to kill them really as I prefer the mythos of dragons being higher intelligent beings and semi friendly, if aloof to mortal concerns.

I'm playing on Ultra graphics now with no problems at all and the game looks outstanding to me.  But then I'm not a graphics first freak and I'm also using Windows XP and DX9 so I'm probably not seeing the full potential.

Continuing on from the part I mentioned in the previous post about killing a witch....I now have a contract out on me.  Not only are hired thugs after me, but the surviving sister of the witch has also performed the Dark Sacrament and has paid the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate me.  Not going to work sister....  Although I suppose this means I won't be invited to join the DB any time soon...XD

I gave my character a makeover and name change using "showracemenu."   This time round clicking DONE doesn't affect stats or anything else, UNLESS you change the actual race which is understandable since they have different abilities etc.

This is Tukassi.

It's wonderful to wander the land and see NPC's actually doing things instead of standing around.  Whether it's chopping wood, cooiking, forging or many other things, it really brings the world alive.

This is at a Khajiit camp outside a city.  Khajiits aren't particularly welcome in Skyrim and I think they only tolerate me because I'm the Dragon Born and they think I'll save them from the dragon scourge.

Overlooking the mountains.

Take a wagon ride to hard to get to places.   It's just like fast travel though so there won't be any visuals of the trip in real time unfortunately, but I imagine that would be a tad difficult to say the least.

Ready to help a poor soul rescue his aunt from a necromancer doing nasty things with his dead relatives in the family tomb.  Sadly, he didn't make it at the end and neither did the aunt who was already dead anyway....and I nearly didn't as well.  Thank goodness for reloading saves...XD

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