Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Skyrim - So Many Distractions

I always tell myself when starting a brand new game, especially when it's an rpg, to stay focused and don't be distracted taking up every side quest, raiding dungeons as I find them and generally going exploring off the beaten track.   Waste of time...never works...lol.

I have a pile of side quests in progress, and part of the Main Quest and I can't help checking into every nook and cranny as I come across them.  I was also going to write a character story but I might just leave that for the next play though.  Too tired to think about it after playing for hours, trying to get some sleep and other real life stuff.   However, I do think this game has probably made up my mind for me re subscribing to Age of Conan as much as I also love that game.  I can't be in two games at once and Skyrim has my attention right now.  Anyway, I'll see down the track a bit.

I recently saw someone ask if there were many Argonians in the game and I can happily inform them that there are and some of them are not at all pleasant.  I'm currently doing a quest dealing with Argonian crooks and thieves...a brother and sister outfit.  The Argonians look absolutely amazing.   Very reptilian and something I would not want to come across in a dark ally.

By the way I love the variety of clothing and armour in this game.  I've found two different circlets as Tukassi is wearing here and which I can later enchant.

Argonian scam artist:

Another thing I always TRY to do is specialize in a character type, but always end up with a hybrid.  That works in Oblivion, but I'm not so sure it will work in Skyrim.   I wanted to try the stealth/assassin type of play which I usually don't have much patience for because it's slower and I usually play battlemage types.  It started out OK, but I soon reverted to being a magic user because I just love magic, although I am building my sneak, marksman and security skills, so maybe it will work.  This is my first play though obviously so there's plenty of scope for new character builds later.

I've always favoured conjuration.  So far I've only taken the basic perk which gives me this very nice familiar which is effective against lower level enemies and provides a distraction for others.  Pity it only lasts 60 seconds but when the Creation Kit arrives I'll probably change it or make a companion out of it.

Wolf Familiar One:
Wolf Familiar Two:

Billy Goat Gruff - not it's actual. name...lol, but it reminds me of the story.   We meet another famous and quite mad character from previous TES games.  Not the goat....I won't spoil it but the goat features in the quest.

Dual caster:

Alone at night in a world of snow and ice. 

I'm going to replace the Oblivion screen shot gadget at the bottom of this blog when I get enough screen shots that I like to make a new album.   Can't see myself playing Oblivion any more, or at least for some time.

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