Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dead Monitor R.I.P.

Well, today my beautiful LG 22" Flatron LCD monitor died.    For the past fortnight or so Ive been having to leave it (and the computer) turned on, not just in standby, but on and working, because if I turned it off or even re-booted the computer there was a 99% chance it wouldn't come on again.

During that time I had to re-boot a few times, obviously due to installing something or updates, and with luck only had two incidents where the monitor wouldn't come power light, no standby mode with the computer off...nothing.    The last time it did start up was the last time I turned it off...nearly 3 weeks ago.

Until today!  I had to re-boot after a program update and the monitor never came on again.  All cables are OK etc, etc, etc.  I "think" I heard a sound from the monitor as the computer re-booted, but I might have imagined it.  Anyway, if there was one, it was the death rattle...

Thankfully, it's still under warranty, but I can't find the receipt.  I have the receipts for everything else I've ever purchased and is still under warranty, except for the monitor.  No idea where it is and I've searched in places it couldn't possibly be in as well as where it should be.

However, I do have the original packaging and docs etc and the people at the only computer store we have know me, so, hopefully, I can either get a replacement (don't like my chances) or have it repaired.    They should have my purchase in their database if they keep records from 2 and 1/2years ago.

The question is...are they worth repairing?

I did some research when the first incident happened and it looks like there's probably a blown power capacitor(s) or a dead circuit board or whatever it's called in a monitor.   This unit is completely sealed (no screws or any way to get inside it) so I don't know how it can be opened to repair it.  Anyway, that's not my problem as long as something gets done...preferably ASAP.

At the moment I'm using my old 17" CRT monitor which surprised me when it worked straight away after 3 years sitting in my spare room.   The old thing gave me 10 good years of  perfect service and is now pulled out of retirement to work again.   Just as well I kept it because I was going to take it to the electrician to be disposed of 3 years ago as it was playing up a bit in the summer heat, especially when it was humid.  It's probably full of ten years of dust and the moisture from the humid weather stopped it from working properly until it warmed up...which is ironic since it was summer.    In winter or when the weather is cooler the poor old thing works perfectly.

It's pretty hard on the eyes though getting used to a much smaller screen and resolution.  Not to mention now having to scroll web pages horizontally as well as vertically, but at least it's better than nothing.  

Anyway, tomorrow, being Monday, I guess I'll find out.  I'll be at the shop at opening time with my monitor and warranty card and hoping that the old CRT keeps on going for awhile yet.    A long while.   I'm not in a position to buy a new monitor outright and that's unlikely to change for at least six months unless I have some stroke of luck.  

If worst comes to worst I can at least keep in contact with people via the public library computers and Yahoo email, but my computer is my only source of entertainment for music, movies, games, and Internet so I'll go nuts without it.

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