Thursday, 8 December 2011

Back In Business - Skyrim Patch 1.3

Well, I'm very happy to be able to say my game is working again, and perhaps even better than before the patch.  I didn't even try 1.2 because of all I'd read about the issues, and because of the freezing which now seems to be resolved.

I played today for an hour (lack of more time) with the same character and with the same save in an area which consistently froze and this time I fought a dragon, (while keeping my suicidal horse from dying), entered and exited menus and the map lots of times, fast traveled to sell some gear, found Lydia back at home after deserting me some time ago and there was no sign of a CTD or more importantly a freeze.   Also made a heap of potions and enchanted some gear.  I left my faithful dog in a safe place as dragons and dogs don't mix and I don't want him to die.  I wonder if the "set essential"console code still works...will try it later.

Magic and armour resistances are working and dragons know which way to fly.  In fact while fighting me the aforementioned dragon took out a Forsworn camp, (just to show how big and bad it was), then attacked a cave bear which then came after me.   The bear killed me with one swipe which wasn't helped by me getting stuck on a tent rope and I didn't actually see it until the death video kicked in...XD.

I should add I did kill the dragon and absorbed it's soul, so there were no problems there.  Funny thing though, after the bear killed me and I reloaded, the dragon had changed from a fire breather to a frost dragon.   Versatile!

In fact I think a few things look different and better texture wise (not the modded parts obviously) and the map is somewhat clearer in that I can see some paths up the highest mountain and even other locations seem to be more visible.  There doesn't seem to be as much thick cloud cover over the map obscuring everything important.   I will never like this map system, but at least it seems to have been tweaked a bit....unless it's my imagination.  I haven't played for two weeks or so and everything else looks as good as I remember it.

The latest patch appears to have fixed the Windows XP problems because I'm now playing (still on Ultra) with all of Xenius face and body textures, a LOD mod, creature and dragon textures, wood replacement textures and more with no loss of fps at all.   When I first loaded the game my mouse was lagging but I moved the sensitivity slider in Options and that fixed it.

Suffice to say at the moment I'm very happy and hoping that's the end of CTD's and freezes....well not CTD's as that's a normal part of a Bethesda game and I can live with those.

A patch changelog can be found here:

Quest and other fixes are due in January which is fine with me as long as I can play and do my thing in the game world without too much trouble....and check out some more of the mods that are available. 

My system specs in case anyone is interested.

AMD Phenom X3 Triple Core 8450
Geil GX22GB6400DC 2GB Kit
GTX550 Ti Direct CU 1GB Vram
Realtek ALC885 8 channel HD (drivers updated this week)
New 700w Thermaltake PSU (might be overkill but will be handy if and when I upgrade)
LG Flatron 22" 1680x1050 - Can go much higher but menus and text are too small to read even with
Windows XP SP3

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