Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Skyrim Damaged Archery Skill And How To Fix It

I noticed somewhere along the line my Archery skill seemed to be damaged and instead of being at 50+, it was at 20 and in red.  It appears to have happened between level ups and as I had no diseases or other negative active effects going to a shrine didn't fix it.

No wonder my arrows seemed to do nothing and just drop to the ground short of the target, and of course it was alerting enemies to my sneaky presence.  I couldn't work out what was going on until I looked at my Skills menu and I thought "Well crap, what's this?"   I was also wearing a ring with an archery enchantment and later found gloves of archery, but neither of those changed anything in the skills menu.  They did show up in active effects though.

After some searching on Google I found only two references to it and a comprehensive reply here.  Apparently it is one of the many game bugs.

This mentions using the console but also says it can be fixed just by using the skill until it levels again.  This worked for me, but I thought I would post about it in case anyone else has the problem. Apparently it can happen with the one handed skill as well.

I don't know if this bug crops up on consoles but the easy solution of using the skill until it levels should also work I imagine.  Otherwise it will be a wait until Bethesda fixes it if they even know about it.

Now here's a pic of my new and improved Vigilance (and all dogs) using Alienslof's textures. 

And a sabre tooth.  The snowy sabre tooth cats also have new textures but I haven't come across one yet.

A nice serene place for a picnic or just to  It's in a quest cave where nothing wants to take you home for lunch or worse.  A nice surprise that I wasn't expecting.


  1. Dude my magika dropped to negative 30 for no reason at all. I can't use any magic

  2. Sorry for the very late reply as I haven't been posting much lately.

    However, your problem sounds like you caught a disease, or multiple ones that affect magicka regeneration. If that's the case go to a shrine and get healed or use a Cure Disease potion.

    Since you didn't provide any details, ie game version, mods used if any etc, it's a bit hard to guess what the problem might be.

    Other than that it could be a mod problem as it's something I haven't come across before. Make sure your game is patched up to date as well. The problem I had with archery never happened again and that was many patches ago. Besides that I use the Unofficial patches which fix many things Bethesda never fixed.