Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Elder Scrolls Novels

I was at the public libray today and as I walked past the stand where they feature new books my eye was drawn to a book called "Lord of Souls" by Greg Keyes which is actually an Elder Scrolls novel.   Naturally I've borrowed it.

It's set 40 years after the Oblivion crisis where a floating city spawns a terrifying undead army that threatens Tamriel.   I don't know how I missed it but I bet it's common knowledge and I'm behind the times as usual.

There's a previous novel by the same author called "The Infernal City" which I'm going to see if I can find or ask the library to get it for me via inter library loan or something.

Anyway, I have a few other books to get through first including Terry Pratchett's latest, "Snuff" so I'll be sure to comment on it later.

Both books are mentioned on Beth's blog here as well as a link to an interview with the author:

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