Friday, 2 December 2011

Skyrim Creation Kit Release Announced

Well it's nice to see this post where GStaff, Bethesda's PR rep, acknowledges they messed up with the 1.2 patch and that there will be an update next week as well as regular incremental updates.  I wonder how much the pressure from user backlash prompted it though as staying silent wasn't helping their cause.  One short sentence acknowledging the problems and that they will be remedied is all that was needed.

One thing that really aggravates me is how he thanks everyone for buying, supporting and enjoying their game.  That was because people wanted it so bad they pre-ordered like me or bought it on release day and didn't know about the big problems it has beforehand.   Much bigger and game breaking problems I might add than any of their previous titles.  Sales numbers don't equal satisfaction as far as I'm concerned, especially after the fact.

On a more sobering note:
The Creation Kit is going to be released some time in January long after the holidays when modders could have a go at fixing some of the bugs and have to go back to work or school etc.  At least it's coming I guess.

If you read the above link it also mentions the CK has been delayed so it can be tied to Steamworks, meaning you will need Steam to be active when using it.  There is speculation and much suspicion surrounding the possibility of paid for mods which GStaff did not dispel in his ambiguous reply to a PM here.

If you're a modder I suggest reading it.  It's very interesting and I have to wonder about the future of PC games, especially those that can be modded.  There's a lot of speculation here, but since I'm generally a pessimist which means I can often be pleasantly surprised (or not) instead of having my hopes dashed to smithereens, I do wonder.  When dealing with corporate bodies where the "money men" call the shots I wouldn't be surprised at people's concerns.

That's all I have to say on the matter as I'll just read what others are saying and wait for the inevitable.  It's not like we can do anything to change the outcome.   I just want a playable game sometime in the future and if it doesn't happen very soon I will be moving on to other games that work, old and new.

It will be disappointing since the game is spectacular even with the bugs and glitches, but I can't live with the hard freezes.  I played for 35 or so hours on Ultra, often playing for 6-8 hours straight with only a couple of silent CTD's, until this freezing caper started, so it's not like my PC can't handle it.  I should add that's without mods of any kind and nothing else changed on my PC except new audio drivers since I installed the game.  I want to play it through vanilla first.

Anyway, more info can be easily found on the forums if you weed through the rants and repetitive threads and posts.   It has decided for me though that I won't be bothering to try modding the game especially if the suspicions are true in any form regarding paying for mods.

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