Wednesday, 14 December 2011

RAGE and The Witcher 2

I bought RAGE and The Witcher 2 Premium Edition at EBGames today since they were having a big sale.

TW2 has a map, Premium Strategy Guide, making of DVD, soundtrack and a few other extras that I probably won't use, but it was one of two leftovers they had from the initial release and it was only $47.  

I haven't yet installed it because I'm tired from playing Skyrim half the night and because I had to do the shopping and bill paying thing today, but will get to it shortly, or maybe tomorrow.   I have a Skyrim itch at the moment even though I need to get the matchsticks out to keep my eyes 

I'm working through the Thieves Guild missions in Skyrim which I think are way better than the Oblivion quests.   I got a severe tongue lashing from my quest giver for burning down too many bee hives in the first quest.   It apparently made him look bad since he recommended me, poor   The all knowing eye sees all...or the house owner with connections reported me.

It didn't help that a dragon arrived at the same time and was causing havoc just as I was about to torch the hives, which should have been a distraction for the mercenaries but they still managed to split their time between the dragon, which they actually killed, and me, even though I was being sneaky.  I still got the soul though as I was swimming away and I never actually found the corpse.    I suppose the skeleton will drop on me next time I'm near there.

Back to the Witcher....I have the first game but I didn't like it that much and spat the dummy when I couldn't get past a boss, but I may or may not get it out again and give it another go.  For one thing you can import saves to TW2 and apparently people will recognize things you've done in the previous game.  It's not necessary to play first though as far as the storyline etc.   

I watched a few Youtube videos so I could see the combat which is an important thing for me and it looks pretty good.  It also has massive bosses but since I've been playing Age of Conan and that is a frantic and skill orientated game, I think things will be different this time and I will persevere with them. 

I did install RAGE and after the long install process and patch download from Steam, I played for an hour or so and really enjoyed it.   It looks like a fun shooter that doesn't require a lot of thinking so it can be a diversion when I want a bit of a change.

The install is 3 DVD's at 20 Plus GB so it must have a lot of content.  Or maybe that's all the speech and graphics which are very, very good.  It's also multiplayer so I guess that adds to the size, but I'm not interested in MP.   I like the game play even though it's a console port like a lot of PC games these days and at least the interface is more PC centric.  I absolutely hate the music though or at least what I've heard so far so I've turned that way down.  It's not the style so much but more that it's grating and the combat music never stops even when there's a lull in fighting.

I see a lot of complaints on Bethesda's Official forums for RAGE, but so far I haven't had any issues.  As I said I only played for an hour, but hopefully nothing will go wrong.  One gets to expect problems with modern games these days, yet I might be pleasantly surprised.

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