Friday, 6 May 2011

Hard Drive Cleanup

Spring cleaning...or in this case Autumn\Winter cleaning.

Today I decided to clean up and remove a lot of extraneous crap that's been sitting around on my system for ages and never gets used.   One of the things I tend to do is unzip files eg Oblivion and Fallout:NV mods, to see what files they contain and if I might want to use them in personal projects, but not immediately install them in my games.  Many of these tend to be quite large (GB's in some cases) and are within folders, so I forget to go back and delete or move them, hence the declining space on my hard drive.    Fixed that.

I also keep things like music, game files, video and other files on the hard drive even though they are well and truly backed up so I don't have to be copying them back every time I want them which also takes a lot of room.  Fixed that as well.

The other is games I no longer play but keep installed in case I might change my mind and in many cases I don't.    Arcania: Gothic 4 is one of those.  It never got my attention enough to play past the tutorial and it's been installed since November last year after I bought it in the mistaken belief it would turn out to be what I hoped was a Gothic game.  Or even resembling one, which it doesn't.  Maybe subconsciously I was hoping it would morph into something else while I wasn't looking, but alas not.

The main reason I mention this game is it amused me when I uninstalled it because I was asked to revoke my License online before I could uninstall the game.  There was a manual option, but I'll never reinstall so that's no issue.   Then, another dialogue box popped up asking if I wanted to remove Securom, all it's registry entries and intrusive files.  Needless to say it didn't say that last bit.  

This amused me even more.   Of course I wanted to remove the copy protection for a game I uninstalled and in this case will never play again.  Anyway, by removing that game alone I gained back nearly 9GB.  Most good games aren't that big!

Now I've done a cleanup I can get busy adding more files and doing it all again sometime in the near future.

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