Monday, 2 May 2011

Re-uploading of my mods (Don't do it!)

It was brought to my attention the other day that someone uploaded my Twin Pixies mod to Tesnexus without asking or mentioning it to me.

It says at the bottom of ALL of my Readme's they must not be uploaded anywhere for any reason, to any site that I don't upload them to myself.  If I wanted them at Tesnexus I would have done it myself and I don't intend to do so.  The people who did manage to download it may find it doesn't work for them and I don't intend to remedy that situation.

I do keep a daily eye on many mod sites and forums, English and other languages, because I play Oblivion and download mods myself, so don't think I won't know about it just because I don't have a high profile in the community.  Some sites I can do little about, but the ones I can will be asked to remove them if they don't bother to contact me first.  It's just polite, especially when I request to be asked first.  Is that so hard?

Recently all of my files were uploaded to Softpedia by their staff without asking me despite my Readme information which they did NOT include on their page entries.   I received over 15 emails, one for every mod, saying they were doing this and in the middle of that I received another to say they were removing them because they had failed to check my information.   That should have been done first, not after and it isn't hard to do since it's included in the archive.

Removal was voluntary on Softpedia's part in my case, but an email I sent to their Games Manager about it was ignored.  I may not have minded if they had asked first, but their tactics were underhanded and just rude so even if they did ask after the fact the answer would be, NO.

Now it's happening to other modders without their consent, but they don't seem to be as lucky as I was at getting them removed.   It seems the staff at Softpedia are ignoring them, so I hope something can be done about it.

My mods may not be earth shaking, but they are personal to me and despite what many people say about modder's rights and being selfish to the user community for not sharing, I can and will do what I like with them.   Default content belongs to Bethesda, custom content I have permission to use belongs to the creator and in my case certain texts in the form of books and notes belong to me.

It's people who think they have a given right to anything and everything and have childish tantrums because they can't always have what they want that makes it hard for the mature and sensible mod users.   All I can say to them is grow up, realize the world doesn't revolve around you, sharing is voluntary and some of you just don't deserve anything.

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  1. Lack of respect and selfishness are probably the two main things.

    And, yes, I very much doubt I'll be releasing anything else except one mod I've been working on for a long time. It has a dependency so will limit a lot of people anyway, even if they care. I certainly don't.

    As far as releasing something I don't care about, I don't see the point in doing it because I wouldn't make something I didn't care about. Backwards

    I get your point though.