Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Humans or Subhumans - Re Live Cattle Exports to Indonesia

As the title says....and I know what my opinion is.   This just makes me so angry, disgusted and disappointed in humanity.....all over again.   I also make absolutely no apology for my opinions expressed here.

After just seeing a graphic video on the news an hour ago about what's happening to live cattle exported from Australia to Indonesia, I can't help feeling a lot less respect for the human race than I have had in recent times.  Which isn't much, I can tell you.

I'm by no means saying this sort of thing doesn't happen in my own country because it does, by individuals mainly, not abattoir workers, and not on this kind of scale unless we just don't hear about it.  That wouldn't surprise me as some of the cattle farmers interviewed are more worried about their livelihood than the cattle they send to be tortured.   The Govt covers up things the public don't need to hear until it's too late, like importing beef from Argentina that has been exposed to Mad Cow's Disease.  Why do we even need to import beef when we have our own industry?    I know, I know, because the best goes out of the country to bring money in.  Duh!

Then there's the battery chicken industry, and the way pigs and other livestock are farmed.  Genetically altered crops and irradiated food, things that will eventually come back to bite the human race.  Human greed just never stops.  How about more humans in overpopulated areas practice birth control?    The trouble is people in poor overpopulated countries aren't being fed and are starving while the rest of the world wastes, wastes and wastes yet wants more and more.  It just goes on and on, but that's another story than what I started with.

There are hunters who do the same to kangaroos and other animals as is happening to these cattle, and others (teenagers) who do things like cut off a two month old puppies' ears, front paws and tail leaving it to die, setting kittens alight in a public mall, restraining a cat in the boot of a car connected to a battery so it gets severe electric shocks (adult perpetrator,) and other terrible things.   And these are just recent, over the past year or so and were discovered.   Both the puppy and cat were rescued and fortunately have been re-homed.

I just can't find a word to describe how low and base this kind of thing is.   People who do these things are just a step away from doing it to children and other people if they don't already..   The saddest thing is it's often teenagers or younger kids who are the cruelest, but not always.

This is a news article dated May 30th related to the cattle exports. 


Frankly I don't know how the people involved working in those abattoirs, and others I very much expect, call them selves anything but disgusting, subhumans and deserving of the same treatment they gave those animals.   But that would never happen would it because some of us are civilized humans and try to behave like it.

This is not ignorance.  It's deliberate, sadistic cruelty.

I fully realize these cattle were sent for slaughter to feed humans, but this blatant cruelty should be seen as horrific to any sane thinking person.  However, knowing a bit about human nature and being exposed to the opinions of this kind of scum on the Internet leads me to think otherwise in a LOT of cases.

Poking live cattle in the eyes with blades, kicking them in the head multiple times, sawing their throats with blades over long periods instead of using the proper methods, dismembering them while alive....and more... all while the beasts are alive and conscious.  Is this acceptable?

If there are people who don't find this unacceptable there is something very, very wrong.   This isn't just over reaction.  This is wrong on so many levels.  There was huge controversy a number of years ago and is probably still happening regarding live sheep exports from here to Saudi Arabia where sheep were practically boiled to death in the holds of transport ships during the hottest months without any care at all.  No feed, no water.  Then they were often rejected by the recipient because of the poor quality on arrival and sent back or just died.   What is it with people that they behave this way?

These are links to the actual video footage and I believe it needs to be seen by all right thinking people so these types of things can be stopped.  This is the main reason I'm linking them.

I won't embed them from Youtube, if they are there, or other sources.   They show torture and targeted cruelty and are just too horrific.  This is the Four Corners expose with video links.  Click "iview" or the ABC link at the bottom and the videos are there.   I warned you so be prepared, and I would make sure children DO NOT see these images.

Or here.  The video link at the top left of the page which may expire as stories change.

I said elsewhere on this blog that I wouldn't disrespect anyone's religion and I'm not starting now with any specific one....

BUT, I just bet this human scum and others like them all over the world perpetrating acts like this on animals, children and other adults every day, go to their churches every week or however they practice, and pray to their benevolent God believing they are good and humane, well behaved citizens.  Such hypocrisy makes me sick, and there's no explanation that could possibly justify it to me.

The human race is devolving morally at a smart pace and the good will never inherit the earth while the balance is so tipped in the opposite direction.   We might be getting smarter, but at the other end of the scale we are a very flawed and damaged race, generally speaking.   I'm glad I won't be around to see the future, if there is a liveable one, unless there's some monumentally drastic change.

There's so much I would like to discuss and talk about on all these subjects but I'll leave it for now.   Besides, I only have myself and my dog to talk to so .........this is why the blog exists.

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