Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sideways Pipboy In Fallout New Vegas

Well this is wonderful.   

Just after I say I have no issues with Fallout New Vegas I have the first crash in 20 plus hours after installing the new patch and creating a new character I really like, and now my Pipboy is rotated 45 degrees when I reload the game.  It's happening with all saves so it's not embedded into the most recent one.

I use the Readius mod, however if I remove it according to instructions and get the default Pipboy back it is also rotated so I can't see the screen.

I've researched everywhere I can think of including the Readius mod page where a couple of other people mention the same issue, but no solutions have come up.  I'm going to be very, very annoyed if I have to reinstall the game and have to download a ton of data in patches and updates.

I get really sick of having to tweak and fix problems with newer games and long for the days when games just worked.  I can fix any issues with Oblivion myself or usually find the info to do it if I can't, but with Fallout NV I have no idea.

Here's a pic of the issue and if I ever find out the solution without having to reinstall I'll be sure to post it here for others to use if they have this happen.


UPDATE:  Thanks to some helpful suggestions  from a nice person I've got my game back to normal.
When I had the crash it was after 4 in the morning and I was more than a little annoyed with the resulting problems and trying to find solutions on the Net without a result.

However, tonight I started a new game with a test character (as I haven't had time earlier today) and with no mods at all enabled and the Pipboy was back to normal.  Out of a sense of hope I also retried my existing character saves and they now work as well with all mods enabled including the Readius.  They didn't previously and I tested all 30 of them which a was painfully long experience.   I've also deleted the saves closest to where the crash happened and have been back now to the same area and done everything again with no far.  Fingers crossed.

Another thing I did was go online with STEAM (I always play offline) and got it to verify the file cache after I tried the new game so I'd know which fixed the problem.  There were two files that needed to be re-downloaded which were obviously small as it only took a few seconds.

It's probably a wild guess but I wonder if starting the new game changed something in the ini.  The files from STEAM seem to have been co-incidental.  No idea really, but I'm glad I don't have to start over...again.

Thanks to MadCat221 for the helpful suggestions.


  1. Hey ya.

    I was surfing the web, hoping desperately to find a solution to the exact problem when I came upon your little blog. I felt what you have written was really insightful, and it really pointed me to new directions at a time when I felt giving up.

    Hopefully after verifying the file cache my game will run without a glitchy pip boy.

  2. You're welcome.

    I'm not sure which of those things fixed it but at least it was one of them.. XD