Friday, 29 July 2011

Alice the Spider Mod

I updated my Along Came A Spider mod for Oblivion today with a few minor changes. It's also now at Tesnexus.
NOTE: I do not use any other companions besides my own creatures so I will not be looking into compatibility with other companion mods. I mention this because of comments regarding a user's CM Partners fighting with Alice.

The problem is NOT with my mod, but either a faction or script issue with CM Partners and I am not going to look into it as I only make my mods compatible with the vanilla game. However, I do use overhaul mods and a number of others without any fighting issues, so I don't see it as my problem.

Edit: That's the reason for the screen shot in the IC Market.   Although it doesn't actually show other companions, it does show a peaceful existence with NPC's.

New Screen shots.  Click to enlarge if desired.

On the steps of the Chapel

Die Necromancer



Peace in the City

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