Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Patch for My Gypsy Moon Race (Oblivion)

In the remote event that anyone may be using my Gypsy Moon Race I have a patch that fixes the problem with the ears and earrings. I uploaded the wrong esp to Mods Reloaded, the only place my mod exists at the moment besides my storage host. However, I can't edit or add to it at the moment due to an issue at their end which I'm not entirely happy about.

EDIT:  Fixed but rather than re-upload the complete mod again I'm going to add this link to the entry at Mods Reloaded.

This is the current patch location.

Thank you to the one person at Tesnexus who did take the time to let me know there was a problem with the race so I could fix it.

Edit:  The complete mod and patch are also both available at TES Alliance.

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  1. Hi Maigrets, sorry about that. I had to do a big update to the site today. It involved replacing over 2,000 files. Editing and Uploading are back online. Many apologies.