Saturday, 2 July 2011

Music I'm Listening to Today

Today I was listening to some of my favourite music with iTunes and particularly two of the female artists I really like.   The first is Shakespears Sister, a duo formed in 1988.

Their most know song would be Stay which is on the album Hormonally Yours.

I have this version of Jefferson Starships's White Rabbit and found a Youtube video of it surprisingly. I like the original, but this is more intense and "rocky" and I suppose you could say modernized. And yes, I know what it's

The song is appropriate considering I'm currently playing the game Alice: Madness Returns.

I like all of their music and in fact they released a new album earlier this year, but I haven't really listened to it properly to form an opinion yet.

The other artist I like a LOT is Lily Allen. At first listen one might say her music is strictly pop, but her lyrics say everything I would love to say to some people and they speak of life experience. Sadly, last year Lily experienced a tragedy in her life and I wish her well and hope one day she will continue her music career.

I chose to post this track because it says it all to the haters, racists, bigots and other small minded people I've had the unpleasant experience to come across, as well as the rest I haven't met and have no wish to.

If the lyrics offend, and you can see by the title, don't play it. Lily takes no prisoners and says what she thinks and I appreciate that. I wish I had the nerve, and more than that the opportunity to tell certain people, past and present, to do this.

So, I'm saying it here by proxy.

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