Thursday, 28 July 2011

More Two Worlds Screen Shots

I'm still making my way through Two Worlds and enjoying it.   I'm at level 82 now and I'm finding since the last ten or so levels the game is quite unbalanced in some respects as I'm almost immortal and can dispatch even huge dragons albeit with the help of summoned creatures and overpowered weapons and a heavy reflect damage spell.  

I'm playing on medium which means being resurrected at shrines instead of dying which really takes the edge off and I'm thinking I really should have tried hard mode which I may just do when I finish this play through.  I'm close to the end except for mopping up a few small side quests and since there are are two endings I have to choose who to side with.

There is an old mod that does for Two Worlds what OOO does for Oblivion called Two Worlds Elite (I think) and I used it last time I played, but I didn't get as far into the game as I am now.  Plus it's for the 1.6 patched version and since I patched the game to the latest 1.7 I'm not sure if it will still work.  I can't find any info to say one way or the other, but I guess it won't hurt to try it.  As far as I see there are no easy to find working links, not that I looked very hard, but I do have it on a backup disc somewhere.

When I get through with this game I'll probably return to Oblivion and then again I might just try and finish Gothic 3....again.  I always seem to get to a point where I have to make a choice of endings and since I can't make myself side with slavers I'll probably never see at least one of them.  It's a pain because it locks me out of one of the best cities in the game, so I've read, but my conscience won't let me allow innocents to be enslaved by cruel masters even in a game.  But, that's a story for another game review.

Anyway, some more TW pics for the  Click to enlarge if desired.

This is part of the city of Cathelon, the capital, where some of the citizens and vendors gather to chat in the evening. 

Encounter with a stone dragon.  These dragons look like a pile of stones and boulders until you get close and then they reform into a monster that shoots fireballs.   Not that hard to kill if you stay close so it can't fire at you and you keep hitting hard with no letup.

Another stone dragon.

Sand dragon in the desert.  These are actually a bit harder in some ways as they don't have rocks or trees to block them and you can't hide behind cover.

Mummies.  And not the caring  Make sure to have poison antidotes otherwise if they get a hit in the poison is fast working even with very high hit points.

Ogre and Orcs.  This ogre is fighting for me as I resurrected it after initially dispatching it with the help of my summoned scorpions that are also in the melee.

Giant pentagram in the sky.   This happens at a point in the main quest and covers the entire sky so it's hard to get a complete image.  It can be destroyed, which I have since done.  The sky is green because I'm near the Dead Forest.

Taking the Element of Fire.  Main quest item and located in an Orc fortress.

A dilemma.  Which horse shall I take this time?

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