Friday, 29 July 2011

Music Videos - Alice Cooper

I wonder about myself sometimes. 

I sit here watching music videos on Youtube and at least as far as my favourite artists go I have the DVD's of their concerts, especially the Pink Floyd Pulse tour and Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet DVD which is another of my favourites.

One reason is I can't or prefer not to play them on my stand alone DVD player and TV because unless I can turn them up LOUD it doesn't sound as good.  I have very close neighbours and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate Alice or Black Sabbath blaring through the walls.  I could play them on the computer with headphones, and do sometimes, but it gives me a headache after awhile.  Not the music, the headphones as I also use them when I play games to stop the neighbours, one in particular, complaining about gunshots and the sounds of battle cries. 

I like a peaceful life, but I think I compromise too much at times.

Alice Cooper's No More Mister Nice Guy - Brutally Live featuring his daughter Calico. I so wish I was at that concert, but the DVD makes up for it. He may be 63 and the son of a protestant preacher, but he's still got it.

Brutal Planet - Brutally Live. The first track on the DVD

Along Came A Spider from the album of the same name featuring Slash and other well known rockers. It's a concept album about a psycho serial killer and released after Brutal Planet.

I named my Oblivion spider companion mod after this.

Alice the ultimate shock rocker. Forget Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. I like some of their music but it doesn't come close to Alice.

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