Thursday, 28 July 2011

Comments Moderation Off

For the time being I've turned off comment moderation which I've been thinking about for awhile as I seem to have some anonymous regulars that I can see via a tracker.    At least there must be something of interest here I guess. 

I must admit I am curious to know who they are and why they keep coming back.  Not that that means they are likely to comment, but like me I feel it can be annoying to go through a few hoops just to comment on something you may or even may not like.

However, if I start getting spammers, abuse or other crap I'll just re-enable moderation and anything offensive will be deleted by me anyway.  

I have also deleted an early rant post and the one that caused me to start this blog in the first place.  It really serves no purpose here any more and I doubt anyone but myself really cares.   Most people follow rules like sheep even when these "Rules" are inconsistent and bent for certain people.   I also don't particularly like having my words twisted by someone who called themselves a friend because they were feeling defensive and put upon by the truth. 

It's all still relevant however and my feelings haven't changed, but every time I see it it just makes me angry and annoyed all over again which is counter productive to myself.  I have a copy of the text of course, but I've got over being angry at things I can't least in this case as it's pointless.

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