Friday, 8 April 2011


Yesterday a family of noisy crows took up temporary residence in my yard and the few surrounding neighbours yards and trees.  Usually it's a multitude of warbling magpies, but they seem to have been outed by the crows, for the present anyway.  Sometimes it's cockatoos or galahs (Rose Breasted Cockatoo) or even a few seagulls and gray doves, all taking turns.

It's interesting listening to them "talk" as every bird has a different sound and they sound like they are having a conversation.   It's a bit like Alfred Hitchcock's - The Birds here at the moment, but even though they are noisy I like the sounds they make and watching their family interactions and squabbles.

My dog isn't so tolerant though...XD.    A crow was sitting on the clothes line the other day glaring down at her with it's beady eyes and she glared back at it for ages, out of reach as if it was taunting her which it probably was.   It was a Mexican Standoff there for awhile until the crow eventually flew off.

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