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Gates To Aesgaard Episode One Walkthrough

UPDATE:  Just to clarify a few things.

I wrote this walk through when I was part of the mod team during development.  I also wrote all the texts and notes, provided support and was a Beta tester.  The walk through is also posted at Mods Reloaded but this version has had a few minor corrections made.  Nothing major and it shouldn't affect much.

I had nothing to do with Gates to Aesgaard Episode Two except at the very beginning, and due to circumstances it took another direction than originally intended.
However, the almost completed very large world space called The Lost Province of Zedar is available as a modder's resource.  One of these days I'm going to do something with it as I have the authors permission to do what I like with it.

I wrote a few stories relating to the NPC's but I don't have them handy since I lost a lot of things to a hard drive crash awhile back.  They are probably in the resource so I can retrieve them from there if I ever get around to installing it and doing something with it.

It's already populated with creatures (custom and vanilla) and NPC's, cities and villages and farms.  It just needs some work on building interiors and some other things.  The original quest however is in stasis and it not likely I'll be doing anything with that.  My least favourite thing is quest creation and I don't have resources for the enemies and other things needed.


**Please install the 1.1 patch. It fixes some minor issues and some typos in the books and notes.**

ADDIT 2011: This includes any new patches since the mod was finalized as this was written a long time ago.

I'm not bothering to list the enemies you'll come across, so just deal with them as needed.  This quest is also best experienced without the use of Nighteye or other light enhancers, especially in the ruins.  There are plenty of torches scattered around.


May 7th 2011
**Another thing I forgot.  Once you enter the ruins you cannot go back to Tamriel until you finish the quest, so be prepared.   There are supplies to be found inside including potions, hammers and other items.  You can do this quest at any level, but if you use overhauls it can be very much harder.
See the bottom of this text for info about how to return to the ruins to pick up any loot you may have had to leave behind.

Also corrected some grammar and formatting mistakes I didn't notice before.  

You can read the books and notes or not as you like, but it won't make much sense if you don't.


To start the quest make sure you are not inside a city or other interior. Go for a walk in the wilderness.
You will get a message from an old friend. Follow the instructions to find the house behind Bruma. Search the house for a clue to the next step. There is a door in the bedroom downstairs leading to a basement. On the table are 4 books. One of them will give you the map marker and a quest message telling you where to go next.

Enter the ruin using the key and find the 1st room on the left. Make sure to get the key from the small Ayleid cask under the tree. Continue down stairs and you'll meet a Guardian. Kill it and take the key.

Take the door on the right to The Dark Path. On the right is a room with some zombies and loot. On the left is an Ayleid cask and a note.

Take the note and you will have a vision.

Continue down the long staircase to Silent Souls. Dispatch any enemies and enter the door to the prison. Check each room and take the key to Nowhere.
Go back to the room where you killed the boss and take the door to the left to Nowhere.

Jump across the platforms to the next door to the Monk Rooms.
** If you fall you will die. The water is NOT water**

There is a 2nd note on a desk. Take it.
Continue down the corridor passing the door to the Throne Room and turn right. Enter the door to the Prey Room.
There is a gate that needs a key so take the stone door to Nowhere on the left and follow the path to the Sacrificial Chamber.   It has a Very Hard Lock. Be very careful...keep your head down. You can kill the beast or run very fast past it to the door that it guards.

Once in the pit you can't get out so move quickly.

Follow the short corridor to the opposite door to the Treatment Rooms. You'll be on the other side of the locked gate. Find the 3rd note and key to the gate and the Throne Room.

Go through the gate and back to the Prey Room to the corridor with the Throne Room door. The cursed Knight has the key you need to go on. Search Ashen Rose's corpse for the 4th note and some info.  Exit through the door behind the throne.

You will see a blue portal guarded by a boss. Kill him and it will unlock.

Through the portal is a new land. It looks like Tamriel, but you're out of luck. It's not!

You can follow the little path around the lake or just jump in and find the door at the bottom to Stochan's Tomb. Enter the Portal and go back in time 800 years AFTER taking Stochan's Sword from the altar.

Exit the door to a deserted village called Talie. Search ALL the houses for a key to the Cursed Crypt.

Once inside carefully pass the blades and go down stairs to the right through the water and take the left passage.   Left again to long passage to the Sewers. Ignore the locked gate and take the ladder next to it to Nowhere.

You are at the door to Clathron's Chamber. BOSS. Kill him and take his key.
Go up the stairs to the right to Akhat's crypt.

Find the room to the right with a free standing door, a lecturn and a coffin leaning against the wall. Read the book for the next clue.

Go back to the entrance of the crypt and this time take the left passage. Exit the door and follow the path to the Castle.
**You cannot enter. DO NOT fall in the water. You will die**

Take the head and return to the room with the door. Put the head in the coffin and the door will unlock.

Go through and marvel at the fiery portal to the Abyss.


You will exit in front of a small broken tower with some supplies. DO NOT bother trying to kill the giant Gods of the Abyss as they are almost immortal. Sneak or run past them. They won't bother you unless you get too close.  There is a path to follow. Continue past the dead tree until you get to a small depression.

Go up the slope and you will see some ruins. As you get closer you will see the next portal. Get there quickly!!!

Exit the portal onto a platform. You will see steps going into the distance at the left. Follow them and don't fall - certain death.

Here you will find an altar with the Blade Key. Take It.

After the 2nd vision you are transported to the Axeman's Realm. You can go left and right for supplies.
Back in the area with the coffin in the center take the book AND the note from the desk. Get ready for a surprise.

Fight the Axeman....he will vanish when he's almost dead.  Head down the passage to the portal and finish him off.   The gate will open now, so enter the portal.

Exit the portal and go down the long stairway to a bridge...couple of enemies here.
Follow the green arrow until you see a small ruined tower and a tree in the distance to the right. Veer left. The green arrow is your objective, but you need to get there a different way.
You can go right up the incline, but will have to slide down the cliff or back track when you see where you need to go.   So, going slightly left check your map for a secret entrance among some rocks.

Go in and follow a door to the bottom of a ruined tower. Many enemies here. Run up the stairs to the top and battle 2 BOSSES.   Make absolutely sure to check the bodies for the Blade Key or you won't get out and back to Tamriel.

With the key go up the stairs to a platform with two gods by a blue portal. DO NOT try to kill them, they won't attack unless provoked.

Enter portal back to Tamriel. ALL keys will be taken from you......BUT...

If you want to go back anytime at a higher level for example or to collect loot you had to leave behind, there is a hidden jewellery box under the 3rd bush to the North of Cloud Ruler Temple. See screenshot for location. The box is well hidden under some rocks beneath the bush

NOTE 2: I don't know what happened to the screen shot. I lost it long ago, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the box.


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