Thursday, 21 April 2011

Waalx Animals And Creatures

I decided that since Waalx Animals and Creatures (WAC) is one of the main reasons I still play Oblivion I'd make a post outlining some of the features and showing some screen shots.  

The mod, which is really an overhaul can be found here and in the sidebar under links.  Registration is required to view and download.  However, as I've mentioned elsewhere there is an open screen shot thread which is why I'm only going to add a few pictures here.
Realswords Workshop

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention there is a fix for possible crashes at Gnoll camps, particularly one near Skingrad.  It involves a skeleton not being assigned to the right creature.  The fix was originally uploaded by another user, but the link is now invalid so I uploaded it to my Mediafire account where many people have downloaded it.  I'll leave it there until it's no longer needed after the next update of WAC.

WAC  is in Beta stage at the moment, but don't let that worry you.  It is fully functional, has very little if any load on your system despite the number of added creatures and NPC's and has never caused my game to CTD.  Some of the items need re-balancing, but in my opinion that, at the moment is a minor issue.
It is not compatible with other overhauls like Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Martigen's Monster Mod and FCOM etc unless you choose not to use the full package and personally I find it a bit pointless not to have the full WAC experience.  

I do miss OOO and MMM at times for the specially placed loot and extra danger element, but I've passed the stage of being attacked at every corner and I like to be able to go into the wilderness feeling at least a little safer.  I have separate profiles though for all of my characters as they use different mods besides the main ones according to their background stories, so there's no reason not to have an alternate profile using these mods as well.

I give huge kudos though to the teams who created OOO, MMM and FCOM etc as they provided me with years of excellent game play and gave me a reason to keep playing the game.

That's not to say this isn't a dangerous world with WAC, because it is, but one of the big things I like is most creatures will leave you be unless you get too close which is more realistic.  Some people will say realism in a fantasy game doesn't exist, but maybe I should call it more believable rather than realism where magic and beast races exist.  For example, I hate it when wolves, which are shy creatures in reality and will avoid humans unless provoked, will come from miles away just to take you down.  This seems to be a staple in most rpg's though and I find it annoying.

Despite the name WAC adds much more than animals and other creatures.  It features the well known Realswords mods which add weapons to the default races and depending on the race those weapons have scripts adding enchantments and abilities while equipped.   They can be used by other races of course, but you won't get the abilities.  There are also specialized weapon stores and merchants.

There is a very large addition of custom armour and clothing suited to the medieval style on which this mod is based which is much like the world of Conan.  A conversion of the armours and clothing for HGEC which is the female body replacer I use can be found here:

There is a complete overhaul of the Arena which makes it more like a real Gladiator Arena of ancient times.  No more just "go in, kill something, come out and repeat."  Now it's actually worth playing and as well as your opponent there will be other fights happening at the same time with creatures and other fighters.

There are creatures that will help you.  For example, at the shrines are found white lions and lionesses who are friends.  They are scripted to help in a nearby fight, but also if you have a certain item in your inventory will follow you and fight at your side.  If they die they will respawn.

Some creatures can be found that are Mythic and are also friends, as well as others that are not.

There are merchants who sell spells to add other temporary companions.  Druids can be found in lots of places who will heal you if needed.

If using all of the WAC esps, there are additions to dungeons and undead.  Female zombies, as well as skeletons of beast races are also included.

Anyway, that's a very basic outline of what WAC adds, so here are a few screen shots.   Click to enlarge for a better view.

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