Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My Favourite Smiley Site is (was) Gone

Best Smileys, my favourite site for emoticons and smileys has gone.  Hopefully not permanently as the domain is up for renewal, but it has been since the 8th of this month.    I\'ll leave the link in the sidebar for the time being in hopes it will return.

For all I know this has happened before as I don't frequent the site that often, but it's always been there until now.   Everything costs these days so maybe its a consequence of economics.

I love smileys and emoticons..."sob" and they were some of the best with a large variety.  Oh, well I guess I search for another site.

UPDATE:  WooHoo!  They're back.  I never did learn patience and wait until something happens.

I still can't add them as a link but I can save them an upload as an image.  To be clear it says on the site this is OK.

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