Monday, 4 April 2011

Monitor R.I.P. Update

This isn't exactly a rant but it's an update to the previous dead monitor post.

This morning I was at the computer store at opening time, give or take 15 minutes with my beloved monitor in it's original box...sans receipt because I still can't find it.

Anyway, as I said before sometimes being something of a pessimist can bring nice surprises and there was no debate about proving my purchase etc and I should either have a replacement or a repairs done soon.  Not as soon as I'd like, but at least it's happening.

Since I live in the country the monitor has to be sent to the city, (not sure which State though since I didn't ask) and I'll possibly have it or a new one in something like 2 to 6 weeks.   It may not be that long, but the sales person had to give me some kind of estimate because I asked.   I think she just pulled that time frame out of her non existent hat, but is probably about right.

She also said that because monitors are considered low cost items it would be more likely I'll get a replacement rather than a repair job which will be nice.

So, I just hope old faithful, my old Mitsubishi Diamond View CRT monitor continues to function until then.   The colours are awful,  the display is slightly grainy and when it has to display a lot of dark colours it flickers briefly, but at least it works.   I think the colours and graininess are normal, but just more noticeable now after being used to a digital LCD monitor for several years.

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