Friday, 22 April 2011

My Oblivion Mods Two

UPDATE: This file is now fixed and will work for all users.  Also adds glowing eyes.  Just overwrite as no changes have been made to the esp.

Uploaded at the same links below and now at TES Alliance.

This is my latest mod.  Another creature companion mod featuring two blue Pixies called Zee and Dee.   One is male and the other female and unlike my other small companions like the House Cats, are fighting companions.

A brief story of how they came to be at the Arcane University.

"Zee (Female) and Dee (Male) are blue Pixie twins and can be found at the Arcane University.  They were previously owned by an apprentice mage who found them in a cave being bullied by their greater cousins, the common Imp.  She took pity on them after dispatching the offenders and returned to the Arcane University with them thinking to keep them as pets.

However, she lost control of them as they were very naughty Pixies and would zap other mages with shock spells for fun causing a riot within the ranks of the other mages.  The apprentice was punished and forbidden to leave the Inner University until she learned to be more careful.

But, the pixies remained on the loose and despite their best efforts the Senior Mages were unable to capture them for study without killing them.  Since the Pixies became bored with their games and appeared to behave themselves they were allowed to remain until someone of sufficient skill came along to take them away. "

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Glowy eyes - new

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