Friday, 9 September 2011

And Once Again - Gmods

This discussion is still going strong and certain things have been discovered that are just incredible.  There are so many lies and utter bullshit coming from Kreisher at Gmods that it's unbelievable.  We are not stupid Kreisher, and we won't stand by and let you steal our work for your gain.

Interested people who care about their mods, images, textual works, and indeed the whole modding community should continue reading the the ongoing thread at Tesnexus which is, at this time numbers 21 pages.

I've posted about this at other forums, yet the only people who seem to take it seriously are the people at Tesnexus and a very few others.  If others don't take it seriously that's their problem and should not complain if their work is appropriated by a leech, especially when they were notified.   I do however give kudos to "loder", the Admin/Owner at Mods Reloaded when he found out about it and took it seriously. He very quickly set in motion a redirect so any traffic coming there from Gmods will get an error page and redirect back to Gmods.

Kudos also to all the modders, and DarkOne the owner of Tesnexus and it's family of sites, who also got together to try and get this Kreisher person shut down.  Bandwidth leeching has now stopped due to Gmods being put on the Blacklist at Tesnexus by DarkOne and further action will be taken if he doesn't stop.

However, we know he has been reading the threads.  I saw his name there today when I was reading the latest posts and yet in this interview conducted by Sepherose, he denies following the thread despite that DarkOne can check his account activity and what he looks at, among other blatant lies.  I don't know how Sepherose put up with Kreisher's crap for an hour, when he could actually get a word in between the rambling and garbage, but I listened to the whole thing.  The last third is the most telling.

Oh and by the way, we modders are trolls for not rallying to his cause according to "Mr" Kreisher.  How about you get back under your bridge and leave us alone.

This is audio only.

There's also this warning at Youtube from Sepherose posted before the interview.

Then there's this interview which mentions making money from mods among other things that will interest modders, for example how mods are so hard to install, they can ruin your game and give you malware and viruses.  Predictably, he denied saying these things, and even knowing about some of it, which is another lie. He's just been caught out and doesn't know how to get out of it. Like a politician.

While we all know there are other sites that have tried this kind of thing in the past, they haven't survived for long. Gmods is an example to others that modders won't stand for this while there's something that can be done to shut them down. I personally have no doubt they will continue with their dirty tactics, but they will be caught eventually now that people are watching. The most stupid thing Kreisher did was to announce his poison scheme in public and thinking we would be OK with it.

I have my mods hosted at several places...Mods Reloaded, TES Alliance, Tesnexus and Planet Elder Scrolls. Of those I'm thinking seriously about removing them from PES because I don't know if they will take this seriously and as Kreicher says, "there are other mods sites." The others have already taken precautions, or know about this scam.

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