Tuesday, 13 September 2011

PC Back in Action

This is just a quick post which I will elaborate on soonish, but finally I have my PC back in action.  Well, it has been for two days but the first thing I downloaded (which took nearly all that time) was Age of Conan and I played it for around 6-7 hours last night. 

It's a bit of a drag setting things up as I like them and copying stuff I use regularly from backups so I'm taking my time.  Which means Oblivion may or may not be installed and playable (ie fully modded) until later in the week or maybe longer.  

Anyway, now I have a new Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black SATA-III, 7200rpm, 64MB HDD, and I also got a new graphics card which is ASUS GTX550 Ti  Direct CU (which means a 20% extra cooling unit.)    Haven't even given it a workout yet.... the only game installed is Age of Conan and I actually forgot to try it in high graphics which was impossible previously....massive slideshow.   I also had to get a new Thermaltake PSU....for the power!

Back later with more.  Still installing and sorting through backups.

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