Sunday, 25 September 2011

Progress in Age of Conan

I've reached level 41 and thoroughly enjoying this game.   Last night half a dozen other players plus myself got together and did several group quests which was just awesome.   Those Vanir Raiders and piles of undead never had a chance.  I was also asked to join a large guild called The House of Winterfall which is really nice.

I'm also learning crafting now.  Gems, weaving and a lot of other great things.  Still saving every coin for a horsey, but I've got a way to go yet.  I'm about halfway there and I don't buy anything I don't have to so I can do it.

Here are some latest shots.  I wish I could take more action pics but it's too hard without dying although I only have to quickly press F11, but I usually forget in the rush of it all.

This is a Boss statue in a dungeon full of other huge statues almost as big and which I had to kill by myself because the entrance was blocked as soon as I entered.  They came in pairs but were pretty easy actually.  Not so much for the Boss.  She was inactive at first as shown here:

And here I am when it activated.  I died pretty quickly as it surprised me and got in a few good hits and spells before I got over the shock and fumbling for my weapon.....literally.  I left the dungeon after that as I have to come back anyway after I complete a quest for an NPC in there.  I'll be ready this time.   It doesn't help when she summons minions either, but you have to ignore them otherwise they respawn.  They are more of an annoyance or distraction than anything as they don't do a lot of damage if you keep moving.

Khemi Harbour in the desert land of Stygia.  Absolutely beautiful architecture in the style of Egypt.  I was swimming across the harbour because I refused to pay for a boat trip which is why the water is rippling.  I'm saving my coins.

White lions.  These are way below my level and they don't attack which is why their names are white.  But, on entering the next valley I found more thinking they were the same and not noticing their RED names.  I was rushed by three at once so I ran for my life.  They were almost my level so three at once was a bit too risky.

Just posing with my excellent great axe.   There are huge brown bears in the area but not too close.

Dark, dank sewers full of snakes, bandits, crocodiles and other assorted nasties.  I've been there several times on two quests, cleared everything but the boss who had what I needed and kept getting the better of me.  He calls half a dozen trained crocodiles to help him when his health drops to a certain level, the coward, which is when I died.  Now I've been back and had my revenge.

This is what I was after, as well as part of a treasure map.  Meet Princess.  I was doing a quest for Fabio, yes that's his  He wanted me to rescue the love of his life who had been taken by bandits, but failed to mention it was a little dog.  I'm not doing the rest of his quest because he's going to stick me with a scroll that he originally stole from a necromancer and he wants me to destroy it.  Trouble is it summons several undead at random intervals until it's destroyed and that gets old after awhile.  I had to retrieve the thing for him to begin with to break a curse.   I can't do the rest of the quest as I can't enter that particular dungeon as a free player.  Plus, it would be extra hard as it's a group encounter.

In the belly of the snake.  I had to find an aspirant to the Temple of Set for his brother.  The followers of Set worship snakes...big snakes.  The guy, not the guard standing there, ended up in the belly of the red snake and it's seen as being "chosen" if the snake accepts you as it's dinner.  I'll pass on that one thanks.

Mantis man.  He has a name but I can't remember what is was now.  He's part of a quest and friendly which is just as well.

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